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Nevada Desert Experience (Organization)

1957 August 06
Larry Scott and other Quakers protest nuclear weapons at the Nevada Test Site.
1977 August 06
Sr. Rosemary Lynch and 18 others return to the NTS to honor the anniversary of the Quaker protests.
Michael Affleck, Louis Vitale, and other Franciscans in California and Nevada begin to contemplate holding a Lenten witness at the NTS to commemorate the 800th birthday of St. Francis of Assisi.
Michael Affleck, Louis Vitale, and other Franciscans begin protests at the NTS. Their civil disobedience culminates with the arrest of 19 people on Good Friday.
1984 April
Lenten Desert Experience III is held, during which time the NTS suspends testing.
1984 May
Louis Vitale, Anne Bucher, Michael Affleck, Duncan MacMurdy, Ed Dunn, and Terry Symens found the NDE in Oakland, California.
1984 October
NDE holds its inaugural event, the Franciscan Peacemakers Weekend.
1985 August
NDE organizes August Desert Witness to commemorate the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The event is held annually.
NDE begins Holy Week Peace Walk, a 65-mile trek to the NTS from Las Vegas, Nevada.
1991 June
Corpus Christi Desert Experience held, drawing Catholic women from around the nation.
1992 October
Together with the Western Shoshone Nation, NDE co-sponsors Healing Global Wounds to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Europeans on the North American continent.
NDE continues holding multiple events at the NTS, as well as fundraisers and conferences throughout the West.
NDE holds Millennium 2000 at the NTS.