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Rice, Megan (1930-2021)


Megan Gillespie Rice was born on January 31, 1930, in Manhattan, New York.

Rice obtained a master of science degree from the Villanova University. Rice also obtained a master of science degree in cellular biology from Boston Colleg ein 1962. Rice studeied Dip Pastoral Thrology at the Gaba Pastoral Institute in Eldoret, Kenya in 1978.

Rice is affiliated with the Nevada Test Site as a staff member for the Nevada Desert Experience. Rice taught elementary school curriculum from 1950-1955; she taught secondary school cirriculum and held admin positions from 1956-1977; she taught adult teacher training from 1978-1985; she taught leadership training for developmental education from 1986-2004. Rice was located in West Africa from 1962-2004 during her teaching career.

Rice was a prisoner of conscience for resistance towards the Unite State Army School of the Americas and was sentenced to two 6-six month sentences in a federal prison camp in Danbury, Connecticut, one in 1998 and the other in 2000.

Rice passed away on October 10, 2021. Source: