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On the Ball?

Recommended Grade Level(s)

  • 3-5
  • 6-8
  • 9-12

Primary Subject Area(s)

  • History
  • Physical Education

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Activity Description

Have students read five letters from the Rinker collection to identify which sports and pastimes appealed to miners. Have students compare the common pastimes of then and now. Discuss why certain sports and pastimes may have appealed to Southern Nevadans then and today.

Standards Addressed

  1. History
    1. Grade 4 Standards
      1. H1.4.5: Identify contributions of immigrants in Nevada.
      2. H2.4.4: Identify the diverse population of Nevada's early settlers and discuss their unique experiences.
      3. H3.4.1: Compare and/or contrast their daily lives with children in Nevada's past.
    2. Grade 6-8 Standards
      1. H1.[6-8].8: Describe the contributions of immigrant groups to the emerging American culture.
      2. H2.[6-8].1: Summarize the contributions of the diverse populations of Nevada's early settlers.
  2. Physical Education
    1. Grades 3-5 Standards
      1. 1.5.1: Utilize vocabulary to differentiate between more complex game-like strategies (i.e. offense, defense).
      2. 1.5.2A: Identify and apply the intermediate elements (i.e. force and accuracy) of movement forms.
      3. 1.5.2B: Apply simple strategies to game like situations.
      4. 1.5.3: Identify the characteristics of highly skilled performance in a few movement forms.
      5. 1.5.4: Explain the physiological factors (i.e. heredity) affecting individual differences in physical fitness levels.
      6. 2.5.1: Utilize locomotor and nonlocomotor movements in physical activities.
      7. 2.5.2: Execute a combination of skills in a new and dynamic environment.
      8. 4.5.3: Identify the health-related components of fitness in various activities.
      9. 5.5.4: Identify similarities and differences in games, sports and dance from other cultures.
    2. Grades 6-8 Standards
      1. 1.8.1: Describe a strategy for sport utilizing appropriate vocabulary.
      2. 1.8.2: Describe and apply the advanced elements (i.e. speed) of movement forms and game strategies (i.e., softball game situation).
      3. 2.8.1: Refine locomotor and nonlocomotor movements in a sport setting.
      4. 5.8.4: Demonstrate a multicultural physical activity to others (i.e. dance, games, and sports).
    3. Grades 9-12 Standards
      1. 1.12.1: Integrate discipline-specific knowledge to new physical activities.
      2. 1.12.4: Analyze and compare health and fitness benefits derived from various physical activities.

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