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You can access the activities by using the pull-down menu on the top, or you can browse the collection, and the "Related Educational Activity" will be linked from within the collection.

For the first time, students of history can discover the treasures of the boomtown era of Southern Nevada through the vast collection of items available on this site. Enjoy browsing the collection to discover the plethora of resources spanning from pictures to letters, stopping at newspapers, hotel registers, and other amazing morsels in between.

We have developed activities along the way for you to use with your students. Activities are available regardless of the grade level you teach or your subject area. Some of these require using several items from the collection while others focus on a single, rich resource. Some take only minutes to complete while others will require several days. They all, however, include their standards-basis and they all require students to engage in complex thinking.

You can have your students engage in historical thinking by having them investigate inquiry questions appearing on each city’s or theme’s introductory page. However you choose to engage your students, make sure you enjoy Southern Nevada’s exciting history as you move forward.

To get you started on this adventure, we invite you to experience the below scavenger hunt. Simply answer each of the questions, rearrange the letters you find, and discover what really motivates this entire collection. Enjoy!

Get to Know the Collection: A Scavenger Hunt

  1. What is the second letter of the name Rinker used as his signature in letters to his family members?
  2. What is the last letter of the significant event that happened to the Goldfield Hotel in 1906?
  3. Find the first letter of the first name of the woman in the Bracken family who took a picture at the post office.
  4. Browse the Clyde and Edith Barcus Scrapbook. What is the first letter of the type of contest held on holidays?
  5. Visit the Ryholite Herald’s November 15, 1907 edition. What is the fourth letter of the camp where there was a “fabulous gold strike”?
  6. What is the first letter of the resource that needs to escape as explained by the Tonopah and Goldfield Railroad Company on their “Inflammable” sign?

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