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Harney, Corbin, 1920-2007


Leader of the Newe ("the People") Western Shoshone Indians, Corbin Harney was internationally known as an indigenous rights and anti-nuclear weapons activist. He participated in demonstrations from the Nevada Test Site to the Russian Nuclear Bombing Range in Kazakhstan. He was a featured speaker at anti-nuclear conferences around the world and led thousands past the front gates of the Nevada Test Site, which historically belongs to the Shoshone people. In 1994, Harney founded the Shundahai Network, an organization of international activists that worked for environmental justice and land rights for indigenous communities. Shundahai is the Newe (Shoshone) word for "peace and harmony with all creation." He worked with people and organizations to respond to pressing environmental, nuclear, and Native issues. He wanted to ensure that Native voices were heard, and headed a movement to shape national and international policy.

Corbin Harney passed away on July 10, 2007 near Santa Rosa, California.


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