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Press releases from the Sahara Hotel and Casino, 1976-1977





1976 to 1977


Four press/news releases from the Sahara Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The releases discuss entertainment news concerning various celebrities like Jerry Lewis, Don Rickles, Tony Bennett, Abbe Lane, Mary Welch, and Bruce Maxwell.

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jhp000797. UNLV Libraries Collection of Sahara Resorts Press Releases and Reports, 1965-2002. MS-00986. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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NEWS RELEASE FOR RELEASE AUG. 18-19, 1976 (JERRY LEOJIS-ABBE LANE OPENING) Fnom: Vince Anselmo, Vlnecton o{\ Publicity__________________ Ententavnen Jenny Lewis ? who ptiobabty puts on mone miles yeanly than Ue.nA.ij Kisslngen penfanmlng befane thousands otf pensons aAound the. woAtd and with his wonk with the. Musculan Vystnophy Assodahon netunns to HoteL SahaAa's Congo Room tomoHAow night [Aug. 19) fan a speciaL two-week engagement. AppeoAuig with the wo Aid- Earned ententalnen wiZL be singing staA Abbe Lane, who geneAates excitement the moment she goes on stage. Foa. Lewis, the next two weeks wiLL be the wanmup fan his annual Labon. Day Telethon, the annual miAacle that noises the dollaAS needed to fallow up the even incneaslng numbeA o{ clues that MPA?s pAogAam is developing. Labeled "The Gneatest StaA Show UndeA the Sun," the JeAAy Lewis Labon day Telethon will, fan the fauAth consecutive yean, oAlginate iAom Hotel Sahana's Space Centen. Last yean a necond-bneaklng 82 million vleweAS tuned in on the gigantic event. This yean Jenny?s big video event begins at 6 p.m. on Sept. 5 and continues to 3:30 p.m. the fallowing day. (filth the big telethon just anound the connen, Jenny is centaln to be In pnime condition fan his two-week Congo Room stay. The madcap penfanmen, hailed thnoughout the wonld as the gneatest contemponany comic since the late Busten Keaton, keeps the laugh bell Hinging eveny second with his slapstick comedy, sight gags, pantomime and singing. Abbe, considened to be one otf the best-dnessed women In show business, captunes audiences with hen outstanding looks, gneat voice and dazzling dance numbens. The New Vonk-bonn ententalnen stnlves to make each show betten than the one befane. *** (/A :aa Del WtBB Hotels INTERNATIONAL HOTEL SAHARA Las Vegas. Nevada HOTEL SAHARA-TAHOE Lake Tahoe. Nevada NEWPORTER INN Newport Beach. California MINT HOTEL Las Vegas. Nevada TOWNEHOUSE Phoenix. Arizona MOUNTAIN SHADOWS Scottsdale. Arizona HOTEL KUILIMA Oahu. Hawaii S-10477 John Romer Bob Bracket [702] 735-21) Ext. 515 DELWebs Sahara hotel <#rtrfrtT>rtNEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (AUG. 25, 1976) ? COLUMN MOTES Madcap comedian Jenny Lewis, who, with singen Abbe Lane is packin' them in Mice nightly at Hotel Sahara, bom oat oi the nightclub toun ion. possibly a lew yeans a^ten completing his Congo Room engagement. Jenny, night a^ten his Labon Vay Telethon Inom the Sahana Space Centen An a Meek Mingt> to Hew Vonk ion neheansals oi "Heilza-poppin'. ? Oddi one I the Bnoadway show will enjoy a long nun. -? *** The talent scouts one out ion mone beautiiul ginls to join the populan mini-nude nevue, Pinups '76, the long-nunning Sahana Hotel Cuban Theatne show. The new, and biggen, Pinups >77 set to open in late I Septemben. Comedian Jenny Lewis, cunnently headlinen at Hotel Sahana with singen | A66e Lane, has lined up the gneatest ententainens in the wonld ion his ? Labon Vay Telethon to be coined inom the Sahana's Space Centen. Among I penionmeu who will appean one Pnank Sinatna, Chanlton Heston, Kink I Vouglas, Many Tylen Moone, Abbe Lane, Bobbie Gentay, Plonence Hendenson, I Donald O?Connon, Tony Mantin, Vonny ? Manie Osmond, Gnegony Peck, Canol I bunnett, Tony Mantin and Cyd Chadsse. The ZlH-houn telethon, to name I lands ion the Musculan Vystnophy Association, starts Sept. $ at 6 p.m. tand conclude* the iollowing day at 3:30 p.m. *** Pop ssngsng gneat Tony Bennett and singen-impnessionist Pnank Gonshin I open a special one-week engagement Sept. 2 at Hotel Sahana. *** BeautAiul Abbe Lane, cunnently co-Manning with Jenny Lewi* at IHoTeL Sahana, goes into a necond-making session ion One Step Up jPnoductions in Los Angela aiten cluing at the Vel l?ebb ne&ont. *** I Bnuce Maxwell, 28, a San Fnandsco tennis pno hnoke anothen wonld jAecoAd by winning the Sahana Hotel-sponsoned death Valley Invitational IRace on Aug. 25, completing the sconching event in 37 hns. and 57 His opponent An the 134-mile nun was that Madcap Englishman, |iKenneth Cnutchlow. Del Webb Hotels INTERNATIONAL HOTEL SAHARA Las Vegas, Nevada HOTEL SAHARA TAHOE Lake Tahoe, Nevada NEWPORTER INN Newport Beach, California MINT HOTEL Las Vegas, Nevada TOWNEHOUSE Phoenix, Arizona MOUNTAIN SHADOWS Scottsdale, Arizona S 00078 John Romero Executive Director Advertising Promotion Publicity Vince Anselmo Director of Publicity (702) 735-2111 Ext. 515 Del Webbs fA(|At?A hotel NEWS RELEASE FOR RELEASE FRIDAY, JULY 8, 1977 There's an unusual feeling of joy emanating from the stage of the Hotel Sahara's Congo Room as the master of caustic wit, Don Rickies, devastates the audience as always. But the presence of Mary Welch, Rickies'.co-headliner, is a masterful touch by Sahara Entertainment Director Jack Eglash. The blend of Miss Welch's beauty and out?standing vocal presentations, along with Rickies' classic bits leave Congoshowgoers fully satisfied with the total program. Don Rickies is a pioneer in the art of "put down" humor. He spares no ethnic group as he berates the blacks, Mexicans, Japanese, Jews, Italians, Germans, fat people, skinny people, ugly, rich and every?thing inbetween. Possessor of a surprisingly good musical sense, his rendition of "I'm A Nice Guy" and the James Cagney salute are show-stopppers. And there's the inevitable dragging on stage of a couple of men from the audience for an impromptu acting assignment, always a winner. Mary Welch receives the break of her brief career in this co-star?ring assignment. Brought to Rickies attention as the singing star of Pinups 77, which plays the Sahara's Casbar Lounge, he was struck by her loveliness, talent and sense of comedy, not necessarily in that order. This culminated in her current Congo Room engagement. Backed by the power of the full Congo Room orchestra, Miss Welch outdoes herself in an extraordinary "tour de force." Her swinging rendition of "Mr. Melody" gets everybody's attention, and then she does an unusual medley of songs from the original "Wizard of Oz" John Romero Executive Director Advertising Promotion Publicity jtftnc&y&nsBlmo Direc tor o f Publicity (702) 735-2111 Ext. 515 Alan Baer Del Webb Hotels INTERNATIONAL HOTEL SAHARA Las Vegas, Nevada HOTEL SAHARA TAHOE Lake Tahoe, Nevada NEWPORTER INN Newport Beach, California MINT HOTEL Las Vegas, Nevada TOWNEHOUSE Phoenm, An/ona MOUNTAIN SHADOWS Scottsdale, Arizona S00078 Dtt Webb-s Sahara HOTEL