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Resolution by Board of Commissioners (Las Vegas) to support Harold J. Stocker's letter, circa February 26, 1940




1940-02-26 (approximate)


Resolution to support Harold J. Stocker's letter requesting funds from the Arid Lands Fund for improvement of the domestic water supply for the Moapa Valley. Link to actual letter located in Relations field.

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hln000839. Las Vegas Land & Water Company Records from the Las Vegas Valley Water District, 1945-1959, 1978, 1989. MS-00912. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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R E S O L U T I O N . WHEREAS It has been brought to the attention of the Board of Commissioners of the City of Las Vegas,Clark County,Nevada, that Mr. Harold J.Stocker as County Commissioner, District No.1, Clark County, Nevada, has addressed a letter under date, February 26,1940, to Hon. Harold L.Ickes, Secretary of the Interior, Washington,D.C., calling attention to the fact that for the past thirty years the domestic water supply for culinary purposes for the district, has been and now is obtained from an irrigation ditch which traverses about twenty one miles of the Moapa Valley,Clark County,Nevada, originating at Warm Springs at the head of the valley and flowing eastward until it reaches Lake Mead, and from which open ditch the communities of the Indian Reservation, Moapa, Glendale,Logandale,Overton and Nepac, have their only supply of water for said purposes, and WHEREAS the said letter of said Harold J. Stocker seeks to enlist the support of the Interior Department of the United States for the construction of a pipe line to convey said water to said communities, and thereby eliminate danger of contamination to said water, and WHEREAS the merchants and tradespeople of the City of Las Vegas transact considerable business with the people of said communities, and WHEREAS the said city of Las Vegas is vitally interested in the health and welfare of all of the people of southern Nevada, and WHEREAS the members of the Board of Commissioners of said city of Las Vegas believe that the said open ditch which now flows through barn-yards,corralls,chicken runs, and the like, is not as beneficial to the health of said communities as would be said pipe line, as a means of conveying said water to said communities, NOW,THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED By the Board of Commissioners of the City of Las Vegas,Clark County,Nevada, that the City of Las Vegas does hereby endorse and approve the action of the said Harold J.Stocker in writing said letter and does hereby join with him in requesting the Interior Department of the United states, to finance a project, with Arid Lands Funds,or otherwise, for the construction of said pipe line, said cost to be repaid over a period of forty years,by the users of water in the water district to be thus benefitted. Commissioner C.V.T. GILBERT proposed and moved the adoption of the above and foregoing Resolution and the same was seconded by commissioner HERB KRAUSE . * and upon being put to a vote the same was duly adopted by the following vote; Voting aye, commissioners, ..RONNOW , GILBERT , KRAUSE _ and, ..CORRADETTI ^ ? and His Honor, The Mayor. Voting no: NONE VIOLA BURNS , CITY CLERK.