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Transcript of interview with Saul Wesley by David G. Schwartz, January 13, 2017







Saul Wesley grew up in Las Vegas and attended the Las Vegas Business College before getting into the gaming industry in an accounting role at the original MGM Grand, even after it became Bally’s. Wesley later worked in slot operations as both a manager and director at the Monte Carlo and is currently vice president of slot operations at Luxor Hotel & Casino. The interview with Wesley begins with a discussion of his background and the distinction between the roles of a director and of a vice president in slot management. He also describes how the slot department works with other departments in the casino, and he mentions specific mentors who have helped him in his career. The interview transitions to a discussion on what makes both a good and bad slot manager, particularly in the context of proper leadership with employees. Wesley then provides his perspectives on what customers are looking for in slots and what makes a good and appealing slot floor. He later describes the process of dealing with vendors and discusses how both free play and ticket-in, ticket-out have changed the slot industry. The interview then shifts to a Wesley’s views on how slot management has changed over the years and how the slot industry, mainly in the sense of technology, will likely continue to change. Wesley also briefly mentions his personal extent of gambling and finalizes the interview with his advice to young people who want to go into the slot industry.

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Saul Wesley oral history interview, 2017 January 13. OH-02941. [Transcript]. Oral History Research Center, Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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