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"A Good Alpha Kappa Alpha Woman" document







From the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Theta Theta Omega Chapter Records (MS-01014) -- Chapter records file.

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man001860. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Theta Theta Omega Chapter Records, 1965-2015, MS-010104. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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J4 QoodACpha Kappa Alpha AdmanA (good ACpha Kappa ACpha woman is Better than average, inteCCectuaCCy and schoCasticaCCy. “This is attested By the type of grade point average one maintains before becoming an AKA.*ACways carries herseCf in such a way that her name is above reproach. She has poise and dignity. She is one who is Cooked at a second time, not because she is boisterous or unCady bike, but because she possesses a pCeasing personaCity, a moderateCy-toned voice, a stateCy carriage, and is neat in appearance.★Refrains from saying unbind things about others and she carefuCCy uphoCd the name of her sorors. She BeCieves in the goCden rube.★Knows aCC about the sorority. She participates in her church and her community as weCC as in her sorority. She partakes in aCC sorority projects and aCC other worthwhiCeprojects.
★Never criticizes her organization or sorors to outsiders and tries to offer heCpfuC criticism to those within the group. She takes aCC precautions to keep from being in the seat of strife’s and hardships which exist in a group. She endeavors to be impartiaC and aCways to think in terms of what is best for the group. She concentrates at aCC times on ways of creating harmony within the group.
*ACways Cook at herself to see whether or not she is uphoCding the high ideaCsfor which ACpha Kappa ACpha stands.
*Lives by high moraCstandards andcCean-cut spirituaCvaCues.
★Is an independent thinker, and is not afraid to stand by her convictions. She, however, has respect for the opinions of others and ho Cd nothing against an individuaC who might differ with her. She is governed by the wiCC of the majority, but is not afraid to stand aCone for what she knows to be fair and just. She uses tact when expressing views which are in conflict with those of others.
*Is broad-minded and quick to admit when she is in error and to apologize.
*Is more than a “TinAVearer”. She enjoys the privileges of being a member of the organization and is not hesitant to accept the responsibility -which she pledged to accept as she became an Alpha Kappa Alpha yVoman.
*Keeps sorority business within the sorority, yvhen she discusses problems outside of meetings, they are only with other active sorors and care is taken to give an impartiaC account of what happened and to make and elicit he Ipful criticism from others.
*Is not a Show Off’ or a “Kid Joy”. She can lead when the opportunity presents itsef to lead, or she can fodow when it becomes her turn to play this role. She knows that good beaders are goodfollowers.
*Accepts her sorors as they are. She realizes that there are as many different personalities in Alpha Kappa Alpha as there are individuals who make it up. She realizes that sometimes, ad of us are irritating to others, but in spite of those human imperfections, we should love one another, for we are sisters.