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This folder is from "Legal Records" file of the Sadie and Hampton George Papers (MS-00434)

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man000431. Sadie and Hampton George Papers, 1874-1944. MS-00434. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Tliia Inc runelit, made this 7th clay o f March,A,D,1925, by and. ?between Sadie B,George,of the c ity of Los Angelos,State of C aliflia, the party of the f i r s t part, and Levi \T.3yphus, of the v illa g e o f St.Thorns,County o f Clark,State o f Nevada, the party o f the second part? Y/i tne s I 1 1 h t hus t The party of the f i r s t part is the owner of certain lots,p eiees or parcels of land, s itu a te ,ly in g and being in the County o f Olarkgf, State o f Nevada, particu larley described as beings Southeast Quarter o f Northwest Quarter,and Southwest Quarter of Northeast Quarter,all o f Section Thirty Five,Township Seventeen South,of Range 'Sixty Eight 3ast,H.!).B*6*H., the sane comprising Eighty Acres,be the same more or less. For and in consideration off the sum o f One D ollar,law ful money of the United States o f America,by said second party paid to to said f i r s t party,the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, said party o f the f i r s t part hereby gives to second party the sole rig h t and option to purchase said land and a l l th ereof,at any'time p rior to the 7th day of June,A.D.1915,on the follow in g terms,to-wit s The purchase price o f said land to be at the rate of Ten Dollars (v lC ) per acre,or,that is to say,the to ta l purchase price fo r said en tire tract of Eighty acres,be the same more or less, is Eight Hundred Dollars ($ 8 0 0 .0 ;),lawful money of the United States of America} Provided that on th ir ty (30) days notice by the second party to the f i r s t party( given in w ritin g ,) and the payment o f the sum of* Twenty Five Dollars ($25) to cover expense o f makeing deeds and c e r t ific a te s as hereinafter set fo rth , f i r s t warty w ill deposit in escrow with the • iwo an a] ,fOi weeds c a lle d 'fo r by said not ic e , not more ^tnan conveyance of t i t l e to said above described land to second party.}or such person as he may designate in said notice and c e r tific a te s from the fo llow in g^ offleers of Clark County,State o f Nevada,as such o ffic e r s ,t o - w it : x’ho c e r tific a te o f the County Recorder o f said la s t named county,the c e r tific a te of the County Clerk and the c e r tific a te of the Countey treasurer,both o f said Clark County, c e rtify in g that t i t l e to the hereinabove' described lands ,fr e e ana clear o f encuxaberanco, is in the said party o f the f ir s t o f the records of the &£&&& respective o ffic e s o f the above o ffic e r s disclose* A ll o f said deeds and c e r tific a te s o f t i t l e to be delivered to the party of the second part,or to his order, when the second?? pa rt y has deposited with said bank,to the credit o f the party o f the' Jfittst p a r i , tin sum o f Seven IIuMrcd, and Seventy Five Dollars ($775.0-) in lawful money o f the United States’ o f America. I t is also further understood that i f the said party o f the f i r s t part is the owner of any shares o f the capital stock o f the Nevada Irrig a tio n Company, a corporation,that she w ill,a t the time of placeing said deeds and c e r tific a te s of. t i t l e in said escrow,also place in said escrow the proper c e r tific a te s representing a ll said shares of stock,duly endorsed in blank,as a part of such escrow, to second part or his order at the id c e r tific a te s to be delivered; amo time and with said deeds, etq. ime is of the essence o f this agreement,and the same shall inure, and or assigns to the b enifit of the respective heirs of the parties '. hereto. Yw/rnritltness/tlie signatures of the oar t ie hereto oon/the day f i r s t above'