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Report of damage to agriculture by flood water, Muddy River, October 29, 1946






List of properties damaged in a flood in October of 1946 in the Moapa valley with details of damage to each property.

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Box 4 Folder 47 Flood Control Reports and Maps for Southern Nevada 1934-1950


hln000606. John Wittwer Collection on Agriculture in Nevada, 1898-1972. MS-00181. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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REPORT OF DAMAGE TO AGRICULTURE BY FLOOD WATER Muddy River, 10-29-46 A damaging flood occurred on October 29, 1946. The river reached a high stage at Wells Siding Diversion about 1:00 P.M. The flood channel had been at a capacity level for several hours by that time. Flooding occurred at a point one mile north and west of Logandale and at a point near the Wallace Jones place. Near the center of the West line of Section 1-16-67. From this point the ponded area continued eastward and southward along the Flood channel, to inundate all or parts of each farm west of the river and to include the Stringtown homes and farm lands. The ponded area covered farm lands east of the river in the same general vicinity and continued to spread and widen over the lower grass lands on both sides of the river until checked by the Fish and Wild Life Service dikes below Overton. The following flood damages were reported by farmers in individual interviews. Personal notes are added for explanation and to provide a basis for classification of the damage. 0. L. Thacker 8 1/3 Acres Near Stringtown Bridge Cellar flooded- Fruit and Veg. damaged $200.00 Repair, cleaning & etc. 150.00 Poultry drownd 20@ $2.00 40.00 Cistern Filled Complete Loss 75.00 Misc. Siltation on land & ditches filled Total 465.00 Clarence A. Lewis Personal investment in the Stringtown Bridge. He listed some items as having been furnished by the County Road Department - (Cement 1934) and Plank and CCC Labor in 1938. His share of the bridge or original cost to him was about $1700.00. It is possible that the county has or would report a different value which might raise this figure. - 2 - Milton Earl- Near Stringtown Bridge Described his losses as more or less inconveniences of leveling land clearing ditches etc. Two stacks of hay were wet on the bottom- offers no money appraisal- My estimate- .20 ton @ 30 $600.00. Kioyshi Yamashita Section 1-16-67 Damage to Vegetable crops 4 1/2 acres total loss $2000.00 Dellon G. Potter Section 1-16-67 50 acres grain and alfalfa $350.00 original cost of seed, plowing, labor etc. In terms of Dairy losses in excess of $2000.00 Richard Cooper Near Stringtown Bridge Includes lands owned by Truman Cooper Hay 17 1/2 ton @ 20 $350.00 4 sacks cement $4.20 Poultry 10 @ 1.00 10.00 Basement filled 150.00 28 sacks of Phosphate 76.72 Dairy losses, 10 gal Ditches & Laterals 250.00 per day, 30 days 150.00 Leveling land-Road repairs 150.00 Crop losses 400.00 Total $1634.42 Seed & Feed 93.50 say (1650.00) J. G. Perkins East of Stringtown Bridge 40 acres grain and alfalfa pasture- covered with silt Estimate of loss $100.00 per acre 4000.00 Fences, ditches and misc. 200.00 4200.00 Jesse Whipple Logandale appraisal $500.00. S. Ishmoto Southeast of Overton 6 acres of alfalfa flooded- 1/3 total loss $300.00. Wilford Whipple 11 acres- endangered by flood channel and cutting 10' for 300 yards approx. 1/5 acre at 300.00 - $50.00 Construction of a new head gate 60.00 Total $120.00 -3- Ben Robinson Leveling of field $200.00 Feed loss 1000.00 Milk loss 200.00 Total $1400.00 Summary 0. L. Thacker 465.00 Clarence A. Lewis 1700.00 Milton Earl 600.00 Kioyshi Yamashita 2000.00 Dellon G. Potter 2000.00 Richard Cooper 1650.00 J. G. Perkins 4200.00 Jesse Whipple 500.00 S. Ishmoto 300.00 Wilford Whipple 120.00 Ben Robinson 1400.00 Total 14935.00