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Correspondence, Levi Syphus to Sadie George


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Creator: Syphus, Levi




This folder is from the "Correspondence" file of the Sadie and Hampton George Papers (MS-00434)

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man000354. Sadie and Hampton George Papers, 1874-1944. MS-00434. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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VIRGIN RIVER SALT CO. in o . s ia OFFICERS a n d D IR ROTORS r. o. t o l an d , P ...T . CRYSTAL AND ROCK SALT HARRY GEN TRY , V iob-P rkst. B. P. BONKLLI, S ecy. MVI syphtts, tbka8. GEN. OFFICE: ST. THOMAS, LINCOLN COUNTY, NEV. .eotob WORKS: SALVATION SALT PLACER MINE Apr i IS th, 19 29 St. Thomas, Nev., > " ion__ Mrs Sadie b George Los A n geles,C alif• Dear Madam.- Just as a l i t t l e gossip out side o f direct company business. First.' I guess I am not much o f a mining expert, because o f the fa a t lessees had not driven the raise more than ten fe e t abpve the top o f the tunnel when they encountered dirty salt,and at 16 feet i t wae so bad they had to abandone it s use. Cant say when they may drive on up through or further,by way of ascertaining whether or not the d irt continues to the top. I think,however,it w ill be better as they get further in ,I t is very disapointing to m e,w ill be to a l l , and I am sure i t is to the lease®, they have a strip above the tunnel flo o r about 15 feet high that is very good s a lt, Have been having trouble with the m ill, but have done more remodelling and i t is now doing better work, tucker is here, and while he talks ae tho they were going to keep right o n ,it is easy to see he is very much disapointed, since they w ill be longer gtting into cheep p rod u ction ,if at a ll , So here is hopeing? Unless you are very badley crowded Mrs Georgs, I would lik e to pass paying you any o f the money due me under the warrents,on my ao ount with- you. For I am just oroweded to the lim it to keep things moving, But i t now looks as i f we w ill get a deal on copper before long,and I hae some small interest in the sulphate deposit below the sa lt,th a t too seems about to move. So j think I can do sonething fo r you before long. I want to carry on a l i t le further with my m&gnefcte experiments, but cannot say i t is going to help us much. Have some lik le y enquireys regarding i t now, but oant say, i t may not m aterialiaa Welher cold as cold b la z e s ,if there such,Hope that some o f his Satanic Majesties blazes,at least,a re a b it oold otherwise I am afraid I mig^t have a hot time a fte r a 1 U )I suppose summer w ill be here soon • Hopeing for the best with the salt,and also that other things may develop some cash,and fe e lin g sure that a fter a ll i t is a good old world,and hopeing that Aimee is s t i l l a £. f a v o r it ^ f yours ,as she is o f min'e I remain Very truly yours