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Photographs of Milan Bakery, Las Vegas (Nev.), April 18, 2017






The Milan Bakery sign sits at 1625 Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas. Information about the sign is available in the Southern Nevada Neon Survey Sheet.
Site address: 1625 Fremont St
Sign owner: Selak, LLC
Sign details: The building was constructed in 1952 (Assessor). Milan Selakovik acquired the property from the Salvation Army in 1966 (Assessor).
Sign condition: The sign is condition 2, fair to poor. The paint is flaking. Approximately a third of cabinet bottom has rusted out. No neon remains on the sign.
Sign form: Blade sign
Sign-specific description: The background of the entire sign is painted red. The top and bottom of the sign are attached to the building by two metal cabinets. The lower cabinet is irregularly shaped. On the west side of the lower cabinet, the telephone and fax numbers are painted in peeling yellow. The paint has almost completely flaked off around the area where a cursive "Fax" formerly appeared. Attached to the street side of the sign is a vertical metal cabinet which runs almost the entire height of the sign. The word "BAKERY" is painted in white sans serif letters which run vertically over most of the cabinet. Extending horizontally from the cabinet toward the building are three small metal cabinets. A horizontal white line is painted on each of the three cabinets. A larger cabinet attached next to the "B" in "BAKERY" extends horizontally toward the building. The cabinet has a medallion shaped black and white cartoon of a baker holding a tray of baked goods. An irregularly shaped cabinet topping the sign contains the name, "MILAN" painted in white sans serif letters. The east side of the sign is painted similarly to the west, except that: 1) a cursive white or silver "Fax" is located at the bottom of the sign to the left of the fax number and, 2) extreme flaking has completely removed what was painted on the medallion at the top of the sign.
Sign - type of display: Formerly neon
Sign - media: Steel
Sign environment: Down on the East side of Fremont Street
Sign - date of installation: Based on the acquisition date of the property by Milan Selakovik in 1966, the current design of the sign possibly dates from the 1960's.
Sign - date of redesign/move: The unusual shape of the sign indicates that it has been modified over time. The form suggests that the sign was originally a directional arrow which pointed down from the roof toward the entrance to the business, with additional cabinets added later. A 2004 photograph shows the current sign design and color scheme ( A drawing of a baker's head was located in the medallion where the cartoon baker now resides. The three small cabinets which jut out horizontally from the sign formerly stated, "BREAD", "CAKES" and "PASTRY". The lower portion of the sign advertised "FRESH SANDWICHES".
Sign - thematic influences: Their sign showcases similar themes to cartoons, bakers and bakeries.
Sign - artistic significance: The sign portrays similar designs to other signs manufactured in the 1960's.
Survey - research locations: Clark County Assessor Parcel No. 139-35-315-002. Retrieved from Milan Bakery. Retrieved from
Surveyor: Mitchell Cohen
Survey - date completed: 2017-08-17
Sign keywords: Blade; Neon; Steel

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neo000161. Southern Nevada Neon Survey Records, 2002-2018. PH-00401. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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