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Report from U.S. Geological Survey on pottery


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This folder is from "Maps and Assorted Documents" file of the Sadie and Hampton George Papers (MS-00434)

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man000439. Sadie and Hampton George Papers, 1874-1944. MS-00434. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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from v* s* oeoiogicai mmrw* mobs porrsHT mass. Value o f Production p Importations In I0lg Exceeds #43,009,000. People are using end brasfcing more cups end s&uohrs than every before. Last year according to glguree compiled by Coffer eon Middleton, o f the united States ecological survey# pottery to the value o f #43*059* 094 was consumed In the United states, Of this mm the domra tie product was valued at $33*594*164 and the imported product at #9,r^$* StO* The output o f pottery tor the United States in X9is showed an increase in value o f $1*335*304 over that o f 1911* W w product except stoneware and h«llow and wocKinghara were participated in the increase, The variety shewing, the largest absolute gain was sanitary ssstsasisst *is ^ inina ware showed an itiew m m o f 1x19.389* the value reported for 1913 being the highest wet* recorded. Ohio contlmed to he S B W r i i t S R 0 U % » I t f f l . . , „ is Whitmire* which »et»*sen$w general household was the second largest pottery^produoffig state* the v a lu e o f ids * • • * ? *- sUf^lndrease o f 9 5 3 3 * » '» * me wan ;n-m'for* $*eMayIvBEa* Indiana* d ft h , sixth, and seventh, Xn respectively* tain. res* Hew Jersey mwae xne eee«nu a.s^xIknwas *M *935*030 * a«Mnereaa„ev of fIS-B*3** o7vaW . m«*»«, SllSfeiParbtur-t5of” tHe*I3gielttefS IP«'*s a#n7i,t8a6r5y, 1w06a,r e«, • w14d8at4 ,9v0l&4 gnirodrBa h H a n d ^ iilto i* in H vwu< the' vairie'of ?the output; 'in'' laix* In a 9 output According to. »r*- .Midi Intones report* which has'-been issued as an advance oh apt ^ from ? «vin«r«X hesources* for ISIS* the.pottery ^ * ? ' V r» «*/ . _ A iii JK A AM ^k, *# «w® «*>«•* due .pa?.rrtUlyy to ene-.gsrwsrw* eTpLf isoyLedJ Hr i tih,e country atT4lva»rng«ret#t ffbti** .i <m« es re1' es_ p4ec«iaail*lyn.., - t.oor. fl thrfer astotreaat^lOr improvement in the wares •themselves- in , r r - ..* American pottery is gaining a stronger held on the marttet# becoming more popular® every year# Many I f not #t of i>se best hotels and clubs in the wintry are now using large Quantities of domestic China* design* -and decoration* direcAt ocr py o f the resort may be obtained free on application to the *, u. 3* cs®logical survey* Washington, n* 0*