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McGinley, Ann C.


Ann McGinley grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania, the third child in a family of four. Her mother was a homemaker and her father was a lawyer. McGinley attended college and majored in Spanish. She earned a master’s degree and taught in Spain for five years. Her brother and his wife were lawyers and she decided to go back to law school at the University of Pennsylvania. McGinley did a two year clerkship for a federal judge, doing research and drafting opinions. She met her husband-to-be during this time and they moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. McGinley did commercial litigation and worked on a class action suit against the school system on behalf of the American Indian population. Her husband was hired by Brooklyn Law School. Their first child was on the way and McGinley studied for the bar in New Jersey. She then worked for a small firm in Labor and Employment Discrimination. A teaching job at Brooklyn Law School opened up and she worked part-time there for four or five years, meanwhile giving birth to two more children. It then seemed like the right time to make a career move, so McGinley and her husband applied and were hired at Florida State in Tallahassee, Tennessee. After watching others being denied tenure and having experienced that denial themselves, they were ready to move on. A phone call from Carl Tobias inviting them to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas was followed up with interviews, and the McGinley’s made the move to Las Vegas, Nevada. McGinley and her family settled in Green Valley, Nevada in 1999 during Carol Harter’s administration. McGinley drafted the plan for a clinical program, which uses real clients to help train law students, and has helped build other programs for the law school. As of 2006 McGinley taught employment law, employment discrimination, disabilities discrimination law, torts, and occasionally civil procedure.