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Hughes Tool Company

The Hughes Tool Company, a Texas company, was established in 1913 by Howard Hughes, Sr. In October 1929, the stock and assets of this company were transferred to two new companies; Hughes Industries, Company, Limited and Hughes Tool Company of California. A third holding company, the Hughes Tool Corporation, was incorporated in 1931.

Between 1932 and 1933, Hughes Industries became the holding company for the film assets of The Caddo Company and three new subsidiary companies; Hughes Products Company, Limited, the Gulf Brewing Company, and Independent Film Laboratories Company, Limited. This last company held the real estate and assets of the defunct Multicolor, Incorporated.

In early 1935, two fictitious companies were formed as divisions of the Hughes Tool Company of California; the Hughes Aircraft Company and Hughes Productions Company.

In mid-1935, Hughes Products and the Independent Film Lab were liquidated and their assets were assigned directly to Hughes Industries. In 1936, all of the remaining companies, with the exception of the Gulf Brewing Company, were liquidated and their assets assigned to Hughes Industries. On September 30, 1936, Hughes Industries became the Hughes Tool Company and was incorporated in Delaware. From this point, the Hughes Tool Company held one subsidiary - the Gulf Brewing Company - and two divisions, Hughes Aircraft and Hughes Productions.


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