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Sutton, Lisa Song, 1985-


“My goal with [pageantry] was: I just want to have as much impact as possible within the community, and then, self-servingly, it’s an amazing networking opportunity; you meet tons and tons of people, and so that’s what I did.”

Growing up both in a close family and the tight-knit community of Sierra Vista, Arizona, Lisa Song Sutton has always embraced her duties to those around her and exceeded expectations. After graduating from high school, she went to the University of Arizona for her undergraduate degree and later went on to law school in Miami. Throughout law school, she also pursued modeling work on the side to help put herself through school.

Since moving to Las Vegas in 2010, Sutton has not only practiced law in the business litigation and business bankruptcy areas but has also moved on to start four different businesses. She started her original venture, Sin City Cupcakes, with a friend she met while modeling, baking and making deliveries on the weekends, but has now since scaled up and scaled out, a business philosophy she brings to every project. While in Las Vegas, Sutton has also made her rounds in the pageantry circuit, winning Miss Nevada in 2014 and running on the public service platform of empowering women through face-to-face community care. While holding the title of Miss Nevada, Sutton did nearly five hundred community appearances over the course of eighteen months.

Throughout the interview, Sutton also touches on various other topics ranging from the cultural traditions and foods that she still holds close as well as her favorite things about living in Las Vegas. Her active and community-oriented lifestyle also pushed her to run for Congress during the 2020 election cycle and continue to accomplish many more things in the future.