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Carter, Leon, Sr., 1930-


Leon Carter, Sr. migrated to Las Vegas in 1942 at 12 years of age. After attending elementary school on the Westside, he enrolled for high school at Las Vegas High. Because of his schedule, he played baseball with the city team - The Cowboys. Baseball skills let him to play in Canada and Mexico. Later, when he returned to Las Vegas, his job skills in drafting and carpentry took him to the Nevada Test Site and then into the construction industry. When that did not yield enough income, He entered the gaming industry as a dealer. His sons Leon and Lonnie talk about life on the Westside. His daughter-in-law Ruth worked in the gaming industry as well but in a different era making for an interesting contrast. Ruth's brother, Herman, adds knowledge to the Westside experience. Leon Carter's one regret is that he did not follow his father's advice and learn the value of owning land.