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Kim, Robert C. (1970)


Born in New York City, New York to two Korean immigrants, Rob Kim’s life has been one exemplifying dedication to hard work and an awareness of the world that surrounds him. Having spent a significant amount of his childhood working in the various stores his parents owned, Kim saw the sacrifices and labor of his parents as an influence on how he would go on to pursue his own goals.

After graduating from Cornell, Kim attended both law school and business school at the University of Southern California. Upon receiving both a juris doctorate and an MBA, he found his first job at a firm in Las Vegas related to corporate and securities work. He currently practices in corporate law, business law, and gaming, as well as chairs the Nevada State Bar’s business law section which allows him the opportunity to present a bill to the legislature during every session. He also has done considerable work with the Asian Bar Association of Las Vegas as well as its national organization, the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association, to build and strengthen resources for AAPI practitioners of law.

Throughout their interview, Kim touches on various other topics ranging from how he has seen Las Vegas change and grow since coming to the effect that racially-motivated stereotypes can have on people and the changing perspectives surrounding that. His nuanced and hopeful tone reflects not only an awareness of how his life has been shaped but also a broader change in how children of immigrants understand their lives.