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Rivera, Erma Linda, 1952-


Erma Linda Rivera was born in Morenci, Arizona, in 1952. In the Las Vegas Valley, where Linda has lived for over twenty years, she has promoted educational opportunities for youth, particularly in the Hispanic community. Both she and her husband moved from Montana, where her husband worked as a power plant operator on Yellowtail Dam, to southern Nevada to work on Hoover Dam in 1986. Linda was put in charge of the affirmative employment plan for her branch of the Bureau of Reclamation. She thought there should be more Hispanics working for the Bureau of Reclamation, but she found that there weren't many Hispanics studying engineering. Linda reached out to John Medina at the Southern Nevada Hispanic Employment Program for help. He convinced her to become involved with the program, and she would later become its conference chair. Linda organized the Family Leadership Module for parents in the Clark County School District to give advice and encouragement for parents who are non-native speakers of English, so that they feel more confident becoming involved in the school district. She currently works as the Diversity Officer for the Bureau of Reclamation in Boulder City.