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Peltier, Anna, 1978-


Anna Peltier was born September 12, 1978 and grew up in Escanaba, Michigan, on the Upper Peninsula. She studied music performance at Michigan State University, but after discovering her love of landscape architecture, she changed majors and earned her degree in landscape architecture. She moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2007 and first worked for JW Zunino Landscape Architects. While with Zunino, Peltier did design work for Lorenzi Park, the Mob Museum, the Neon Museum, and designed the award-winning Cactus Avenue Interchange. She was laid off from Zunino and went to work for Logan Simpson Design. She started her own firm and designed Discovery Park in Pahrump, Nevada, and the USA Parkway between Lake Tahoe, California, and Reno, Nevada. Peltier also works with the American Institute of Architects' Las Vegas Chapter's Committee on the Environment to teach local elementary school children about the field of landscape architecture and gardening with native plants.