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Weil, Aubrey Bud


Aubrey “Bud” Weil was born in Los Angeles, California. He worked as a disc jockey in Mexico after serving in the military during World War II. In 1947, he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to work at KLAS, but his search landed him at KENO, a radio station owned by Max and Laura Belle Kelch. Weil’s show afforded him entry to stars performing in town, including Sophie Tucker, Sammy Davis, Jack Benny, The Mills Brother, Rosemary Clooney, Leno Horne, Joey Lewis and many other.

In 1955 Weil became restless, left the career in broadcasting, and joined Max Kelch as a partner in a new venture for Las Vegas – Musak. This enterprise took him to the doors of every business in town and shortly, he knew everybody. Weil later became a senior statesman of Las Vegas.