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Stuckey, Evelyn, 1921-1980


Evelyn Stuckey was born as Mary Evelyn Stuckey in Gordon, Alabama on September 10, 1921 to Minnie L. and Robert Luther Stuckey. In 1946 she earned a Bachelor of Science in Education, with an emphasis in Physical Education, from Florida Women’s College, now Florida State University. She worked for the Florida Board of Health until she joined the Las Vegas High School (LVHS) faculty in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1949 as the physical education instructor for the female students. While working for LVHS, Stuckey organized the Rhythmettes dance group, who were featured on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1955 and at the World’s Fair in 1964. The Rhythmettes were active from 1949 to 1966 when they disbanded due to Stuckey's health. They reformed in 1974 and ended again in 1979 when Stuckey left. Stuckey remained in Las Vegas until she died from cancer on April 10, 1980.


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