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Lynch, Rosemary, 1917-2011

Alternate Names

Sister Rosemary Lynch


Sister Rosemary Lynch was a Catholic nun, teacher, and social activist who advocated for world peace, disarmament, and an end to the testing and use of nuclear weapons.

Born March 18, 1917 in Phoenix, Arizona, Sister Rosemary Lynch attended St. Mary's parish schools as a child. She later became a member of the Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity community in 1932, and took her vows as a Franciscan Sister in 1934. After working as a Catholic school teacher in Los Angeles, California and principal in Montana for a combined twenty-six years, she was elected to the administration of the Franciscan Sisters, spending fifteen years in Rome, Italy as a representative for her congregation. While there, she was active during the Second Vatican Council and met many communities impacted by war and poverty internationally, including congregations in Indonesia, Mexico, and throughout Africa.

In 1977, she returned to the United States and joined the Franciscan Center in Las Vegas, Nevada with her friend, Sister Klaryta Antoszewska. She took part in many events promoting peace and justice and co-founded the Pace e Bene (Italian for "peace and good") Nonviolence Service. Sister Rosemary Lynch also co-founded the Lenten Desert Experience, later known as the Nevada Desert Experience (NDE), to protest nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site. The first Lenten Desert Experience protest was held to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the previous Nevada Test Site protest in 1957, as well as a remembrance of the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan during World War II.

Sister Rosemary Lynch remained an active protester until her death on January 9, 2011.


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