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Hertzog, Gene, 1932-


Eugene Edward “Gene” Hertzog was born in Oakpark, Illinois in 1932 and spent his childhood in Upper Derby, Pennsylvania. At the age of seventeen, Hertzog contracted polio and was unable to completed high school. After recovering from the disease, Hertzog obtained his GED and joined the United States Army in 1949. For nine years, he served as a military photographer stationed in Japan and finally in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he met his first wife, Magdalene Tefoya. The couple married in November 1957 and had one son, Wayne Alan.

After three years in Albuquerque, Hertzog took a job with the Bureau of Reclamation in Washington State and relocated there with Magdalene. The couple moved to Nevada in 1963 when Gene accepted the Regional photographer position at the Bureau of Reclamation in Boulder City, Nevada. Hertzog would spend the next four decades visually documenting Southern Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Southern California, and parts of Colorado and New Mexico for the Bureau.

Hertzog retired from the Bureau of Reclamation in 1994 and became an active freelance photographer and videographer for clients such as the Las Vegas Valley Water District, Springs Preserve, Nevada Magazine, and Clark County Department of Family Services Parenting Project.

Hertzog later met and married his current wife, Maiqui, and the couple live in Henderson, Nevada near Lake Las Vegas as of 2020. Hertzog is still an active photographer but spends the majority of his time working on personal projects.


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