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Wiener, Louis, Jr., 1915-1996


Louis Wiener, Jr. was born on March 28, 1915 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1931 and graduated from Las Vegas High School in 1932. He attended the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) and the University of California (UC) Berkeley School of Law. When Wiener was admitted to the Clark County Bar Association, there were only 16 other attorneys in Las Vegas.

Wiener was very involved in the Las Vegas community, serving on the board of directors for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Foundation, the Nevada Law Foundation, Boys' Town, and the Andre Agassi Foundation. Wiener was recognized for his philanthropy and his support for local business and education by organizations such as UNLV, UNR, the UC Berkeley School of Law, and the Organization for Rehabilitation through Training (ORT). In 1990, the Clark County School District approved the naming of the Louis Wiener, Jr. Elementary School, which opened in 1993. Wiener died in Las Vegas on February 6, 1996.

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