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Kraft, Wendy, 1960-


Wendy Ruth Kraft (née Gateman) was born February 16, 1960 and was raised in Andover, Massachusetts. She moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1999. She was a stay-at-home mom who was accustomed to volunteering in the Jewish community. Knowing no one and on the brink of divorce, the Jewish community became Kraft’s life, a way to build a network of friends and keep her occupied just as it had been in Boston. By February 6, 2015, Kraft and her wife, Laura Sussman, were married. They had already formed a family with each other and their three daughters, Leah Sussman, Emma and Elyse Kraft.

In 2009, Wendy and her partner, Laura Sussman, opened their funeral services business, Kraft-Sussman Funeral and Cremation Services, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Though they serve people of all denominations, their faith and Jewish customs are extremely important. Individually and as a couple they also participate actively in the LGBT community.