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Mack, Judith, 1937-


Judy Mack is a Las Vegas, Nevada philanthropist and a Holocaust survivor. Judy Mack was born Judith Szrut on December 11, 1937 in Warsaw, Poland. She left Germany in 1949 and went to San Francisco, California with her grandmother. She married Ronald Mack (originally Makovsky) in 1956 and moved to Reno, Nevada with him in 1959. In 1990 the couple moved to Las Vegas. Judy Mack is a major supporter of the Sperling Kronberg Mack Holocaust Resource Center in Las Vegas, which is named in part after her and her husband. The Center's sister Holocaust collection, the Shia Szrut Holocaust Collection (at the northwest branch of the Washoe County Library in Reno) was established by a grant from the Ron and Judy Mack Education Foundation in memory of Judy Mack's father, Shia Szrut, who was a victim of the Holocaust.

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