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The Langham, menu, pages 3-4


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New Years Dinner <br> <br> <br> THE LANGHAM <br> <br> <br> Blue Points <br> <br> <br> POTAGES <br> Green turtle au madere - Printanier Royal <br> <br> <br> HORS DŒUVRE <br> Bouchees au slapieon <br> Olives Radishes Celery <br> <br> <br> POISSON <br> Filet of Sole Chambord, Potatoes Hollandaises <br> <br> <br> RELEVE <br> Philadelphia Capon a l’Allemande <br> <br> <br> ENTREES <br> Filet of beef pique a la Parisienne, [not legible] <br> Qual braised with mushrooms, French peas <br> Lobster a la Newburg <br> [not legible] souffles au Vanille <br> Punch a la Russe <br> <br> <br> GIBIER <br> Canvas back Dunk, Currant Jelly - Laitue Salads <br> <br> <br> ROTS <br> Ribs of beef - Saddle of mutton au jus <br> <br> <br> FROID <br> Boned Turkey - Pate de foie gras <br> <br> <br> ENTREMETS SUCRES <br> Marron Pudding, Kirsch Sauce <br> <br> <br> DESSERTS <br> Tarts, Nelson compote of Strawberries <br> Petits fours, Glace fantaiste <br> Cheese, Fruits, Coffee <br> <br> <br> JANUARY <br> <br> <br> 1 Thursday New Year <br> 2 Friday <br> 3 Saturday <br> 4 SS. after New Year <br> 5 Monday <br> 6 Tuesday Epiph. <br> 7 Wednesday <br> 8 Thursday <br> 9 Friday <br> 10 Saturday <br> 11 S 1st S. a. Epiph. <br> 12 Monday <br> 13 Tuesday <br> 14 Wednesday <br> 15 Thursday <br> 16 Friday <br> 17 Saturday <br> 18 11 S 2nd S. a. Epiph <br> 19 Monday <br> 20 Tuesday <br> 21 Wednesday <br> 22 Thursday <br> 23 Friday <br> 24 Saturday <br> 25 S Septuag <br> 26 Monday <br> 27 Tuesday <br> 28 Wednesday <br> 29 Thursday <br> 30 Friday <br> 31 Saturday <br>