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Plantation Kitchen, menu, pages 2-3


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PLANTATION KITCHEN <br> JUICES & FRUITS <br> Fresh Orange, Grapefruit, Tomato, V-8 <br> Melon in season <br> Berries in season, cream <br> Half Grapefruit <br> Stewed Prunes <br> CEREALS <br> Rolled Oats, Cream of Wheat or Wheatena, with pure cream <br> Choice of cold Cereals <br> PANCAKES & WAFFLES <br> OUR OWN PLANTATION WAFFLE <br> Authentic Belgium recipe, taste tantalizing with fresh strawberries heaped with whipped cream <br> PECAN OR BLUEBERRY WAFFLES <br> SOUTHERN TREAT <br> Hotcakes, regular or dollar size with genuine maple syrup <br> BUCKWHEAT CAKE <br> Melted butter and boysenerry syrup <br> SWEDISH PANCAKES <br> In a plantation manner, with tartle-sweet lingenberries, whipped butter mounds <br> GERMAN APPLE PANCAKES <br> Apple slices springled with sugar & cinnamon, Bavarian style <br> BLUBERRY PANCAKES DINAH <br> BAYOU BLINTZES full of piquant cheese, topped with sour cream <br> WILD RICE HOTCAKES <br> Whipped country butter & syrup of your choice <br> PANCAKES VIENNOISE <br> Tasty with Bar le Duc, and gently dusted with powdered sugar <br> EGGS & OMELETTES <br> Broiled Fried or Poached Eggs <br> Scrambled with Lox or fresh Tomatoes <br> Eggs and Ham, Bacon or Sausage <br> Scrambled Eggs <br> Omelette Creole <br> Mushroom Omelette <br> Chicken Liver Omelette <br> side order, ham, bacon, sausage <br> Toast and potatoes served with all Egg orders <br> BAKERY DELIGHTS <br> Replinshed hourly from our own ovens <br> Assorted Danish Rolls <br> Toasted English Muffin <br> Cinamon Toast <br> Blueberry or Bran Muffins <br> Toasted Pound Cake <br> Milk Toast <br> PLANTATION KITCHEN <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> PLANTATION KITCHEN <br> APPETIZERS <br> Southern Fruit Cup <br> Cottage Cheese and Pineapple <br> SOUPS <br> Soup du Jour <br> Chicken Noodle <br> CHICKEN <br> POULET FRIT <br> our Special Golden Fried Chicken served with whipped potatoes, country gravy, hot biscuits and honey <br> ELLES RETUES <br> Baked Boneless Squab Chicken with wild rice, special mushroom sauce <br> MONTICELLO <br> Ham rolled inside Boned Breast of Chicken, Sauce Bercy <br> CHICKEN NATCHEZ <br> apple and almond dressing, Sauce Piquant <br> CHICKEN EAUREGARD <br> baked leg of chicken stuffed with chopped spinach, veal, ham and cheese, Sauce Bercy <br> CHICKEN DESIREE <br> leg of chicken stuffed with wild rice, Sauce Piquant <br> POULET ROTI <br> roast spring chicken, dressing and pan gravy <br> Our Special Salad served with all orders <br> Boston lettuce with light French dressing and crumbled bacon <br> Vegetables of the Day <br> Whipped Potatoes <br> our baked assorted breads and rolls prepared with flavor of the old outh <br> CREOLEURGER <br> twin hamburger grilled, served with fried <br> DESSERTS <br> French Vanilla or Choaolate Ice Cream <br> Assorted Sheret <br> Ask our waitress for our tray of assorted pastries baked fresh daily <br> BEVERAGES <br> Coffee <br> Pot of Tea <br> Chocolate of Cocoa <br> Postum or Sanka <br> Milk or Buttermilk <br> Iced Tea <br> PLANTATION KITCHEN <br>