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Golden Nugget Restaurant, menu, pages 2-3 with inserts


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OREGON COLD CRACKED CRAB ON ICE <br> Mayonnaise Dressing <br> Cocktail Sauce <br> From Our Hickory Charcoal Broiled <br> SPECIAL 16 OZ NEW YORK CUT STEAK, Maitre D’Hotel <br> FILET MIGNON Fresh Mushroom Caps <br> TENDER YOUNG PORK CHOPS Apple Sauce <br> CHOICE FRENCH LAMB CHOPS on Toast <br> CHOPPED SIRLOIN STEAK, smothered with onions <br> PREMIUM HAM STEAK Hawaiian <br> MILK-FED SPRING CHICKEN, Drawn Butter <br> ONE-HALF DOZEN SELECT EASTERN OYSTERS <br> On the half shell <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> GOLDEN NU <br> Restaura <br> SATURDAY <br> LUNCHEON <br> Served from 11 a.m. to <br> Choice of : <br> Italian Minestrone Sou <br> Grilled Grapefruit Juice <br> Hawaiian Pineapple Juice <br> OR <br> Toasted Green Salad, Choice of <br> ENTREES <br> GRILLED NORTHERN HALIBUT STEAK, Lemon Parsley Butter <br> OLD FASHIONED BEEF <br> STEW WITH garden fresh vegetables <br> FRICASSEE OF YOUNG TURKEY WINGS, Steamed Rice <br> BROWNED CORNED BEEF HASH, Poached Egg <br> CREAMED DICED SUGAR CURED HAM on Toast <br> ROAST SIRLOIN OF CHOICE EASTERN BEEF ala Node <br> STEAMED KNOCKWURST with baked beans, Boston Style, Brown Bread <br> SPECIAL CHEF’S SALAD BOWL with Julienne of Ham, Cheese, Turkey <br> MELBA PEACH and Cottage Cheese Salad <br> CHICKEN SALAD Princess (Asparagus Tips, Hard Boiled Egg, Garni) <br> VEGETABLE <br> POTATO <br> TEA <br> COFFEE OR MILK <br> DESSERTS; Frozen Chocolate Eclair <br> Cream Pie <br> Layer Cake <br> Apple Pie <br> Ice Cream or Sherbet <br> Ice Cream Sundae <br> French Fruit Pies <br> Fresh Fruit Jello <br> Ice Cream Sundae <br> Fresh Fruit Pies <br> Fresh Fruit jello <br> Pudding du Jour <br> Camembert Cheese <br> Liederkranz Cheese <br> Roquefort Cheese <br> COMPLETE SPECIAL LUNCHEON <br> Choice of : Soups du Jour <br> Little Pig Sausages Guestrooms on Mashed Potatoes Mushroom Sauce <br> Potato and VEgetable <br> Pudding Jello Ice Cream or Sherbet <br> NUGGET SPECIAL SANDWICH <br> Smoked Salmon with Philadelphia Cream Cheese on Rye, Cold Slaw <br> Assorted Finger Sandwiches with Fruit Salad <br> Grilled American Cheese with Crisp Bacon Sandwich, French Fries <br> Tea or Coffee <br> GOLDEN NUGGET A LA CARTE SPECIAL <br> GRILLED STEAK A LA MINUTE <br> Eastern Corn Fed Smell New Yorker with Crisp French Fries and Coffee or Tea <br>