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El Cortez Hotel, menu, pages 2-3 without inserts


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University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Libraries

Mignons of Beef Tenderloin <br> Sauteed in Butter <br> Served with <br> Mixed Green Salad <br> French Fried Potatoes <br> Button Mushrooms <br> Rolls and Butter <br> New York Steak a la Minute <br> Psn Fried in Butter served with <br> French Fried Potatoes <br> Tossed Green Salad <br> Minute Saute <br> Rolls and Butter <br> Spring Chicken a la Marengo <br> Served with <br> Potato du Jour <br> Pan Gravy <br> Tossed Green Salad <br> Rolls and Butter <br> Grilled Hamburger Steak <br> Freshly Ground Round <br> Served with <br> French Fried Potato <br> Grilled Bermula Onions <br> Tossed Green Salad <br> Rolls and Butter <br> Cube Steak Sandwich, Garni <br> Choice Sirloin Steak on Toast <br> Served with <br> French Fried Potatoes <br> Sliced Ripe Tomato <br> Sweet Relish <br> Ripe Olives <br> Louisiana Jumbo Shrimp <br> French Fried in Oil <br> French Fried Potatoes <br> Cocktail Sauce <br> Sliced Tomato <br> Rolls and Butter <br> To Our Guests and Tourists: <br> Please ask us for any information you may wish on fishing golfing trapshooting hunting swimming horseback riding or place of interest. <br> Our sincere hope is that we may be of some assistance in assuring you of a joyous vacation during your stay in Las Vegas. <br> The Management <br> HOTEL EL CORTEZ <br> LAS VEGAS <br> NEVADA <br> DEALER’S SPECIAL <br> Pounded Steak and 2 Fresh Fried Eggs <br> Potatoes <br> Toast <br> Coffee <br> Pancakes <br> Waffles <br> Golden Brown Pancakes <br> Butter and Syrup <br> Crisp Golden Waffle <br> Butter and Syrup <br> Side Orders <br> Two Fresh Eggs <br> One Fried Egg <br> Smoked Ham <br> Cured Bacon <br> Jones Sausage <br> Hash Brown Potatoes <br> Hickory Smoked Ham <br> Sugar Cured Bacon or <br> Farmed Jones Sausage <br> And <br> Two Fresh Ranch Eggs <br> With <br> Potatoes Toast <br> Butter and Jelly <br> Coffee <br> Pancakes Sandwich <br> Minced Ham and Scrambled Egg, between Two Pancakes Dripping in Butter and Syrup Coffee <br> Smokies in a Blanket <br> Special Smoked Sausage <br> Rolled in Pancakes <br> Served with Butter, Syrup <br> And our <br> Delicious Coffee <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> APPETIZERS <br> Chilled Fruit Juice <br> Tropical Fruit Cup Supreme <br> Crab Leg Cocktail Supreme <br> Manaderin Oranges <br> Louisanna Shrimp Cocktail Supreme <br> FROM OUR CHARCOAL BROIL <br> After 5 P.M. <br> AGED STEAKS- CHOICE CHOPS <br> Prime New York Cut Steak, Beurre-Noir <br> Choice Cute Filet Mignon Steak, Maitre d’Hotel <br> Eastern Top Sirloin Steak, Bordelaise Sauce <br> Spring Loin Lamb Chops, Mint Jelly <br> Corn Fed Tender Pork Chops, Apple Sauce <br> Hickory Smoked Ham Steak, Glazed Pineapple <br> Northern Halibut Steak, Parsley Butter <br> Alaskan Chinook Salmon, au Buerre <br> Baby Lobster in the Sheel, Melted Butter <br> Above orders include Potato du Jour or French Fries, Rolls and Butter <br> DESSERTS <br> From our bakery <br> Assorted Pies <br> Layer Cake <br> Cheese Cakse <br> A la Mode-extra <br> Cheese and Saltines <br> Pudding du Jour Ice Cream <br> Sherbet <br> Sundaes - extra <br> Fruit - Jello <br> BEVERAGES <br> Coffee <br> Pot of Tea <br> Coca Cola <br> Iced Tea <br> Buttermilk <br> Iced Coffee <br> Orange Juice <br> Milk <br> Cold Sandwiches <br> Denver or Fried Egg <br> American or Swiss Cheese <br> Toms or Chicken Salad <br> Boiled or Fried Ham <br> Cold Pork or Roast Beef <br> Corned Beef or Pastrami <br> Ham or Bacon and Egg <br> Sliced Breast of Chicken <br> Cheesy Potato Chips <br> Sweet Gherkins and Olives <br> Club Sandwiches <br> Crisp Bacon and Tomato <br> Boiled Ham and Cheese <br> Corned Beef and Cheese <br> Chicken Bacon & Tomatoes Sweet Gherkins <br> Hot Sandwiches <br> Roast Beef <br> Roast Pork <br> Prime Turkey <br> Potato du Jour and Gravy <br> A SQUARE MEAL <br> Hamburger Sandwich French Fries Sweet Relish Gherkins <br> Roast and Cereals <br> Buttered Toast <br> Milk Toast <br> French Toast <br> Daich Pastry <br> Assorted Cold Cereals <br> Cream of Wheat <br> Quaker Oats <br> All Cereals with Cream <br> Fresh Doughnuts - each <br> <br> <br> Shrimp Louie or Crab Louie <br> Served with Sliced Tomato <br> Ripe Olives <br> Shredded Lettuce <br> Quarted Egg <br> 1000 Island Dressing <br> Rolls and Butter <br> Diced Chicken or Tuna Fish <br> Served with <br> Quartered Egg <br> Ripe Olives <br> Crisp Celery <br> Choice Dressing <br> Sliced Tomato <br> Asparagus Tips <br> Rolls and Butter <br> Creamed Cottage Cheese <br> Served with Hawaiian Pineapple <br> Peach Halves <br> Fruit Cocktail <br> Barkette Pear <br> Manderin Oranges <br> Mayonnaise <br> Rolls and Butter <br> Assorted Fresh Vegetables <br> Served with <br> Sliced Tomato <br> Ripe Olives <br> Choice Dressing <br> Julienne Carrots <br> Asparagus Tips <br> Quarted Eggs <br> Rolls and Butter <br> Tropical Fruit Salad <br> Served with <br> Iced Sherbet <br> Peach Halves <br> Hawaiian Pineapple <br> Mandarin Oranges <br> Princess Dressing <br> Rolls and Butter <br> Selected Cold Meat Plate <br> Served with <br> Potato Salad <br> Sliced Tomatoes <br> Breast of Turkey <br> Ripe Olives <br> Sweet Gherkins <br> Assorted Cheeses <br>