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Hotel Cecil, menu, page 4


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Men001054-003 <br> <br> <br> PROGRAMME OF MUSIC <br> <br> <br> To be performed by the Band <br> Of the Royal Marines <br> (Chatham [not legible]) <br> <br> <br> CONDUCTOR: LIEUT J. WRIGHT <br> <br> <br> 1. March … [not legible] … Sousa <br> 2. Overture … La [not legible] … Hermann <br> 3. Characteristics Dance [not legible][not legible]... German <br> 1. Country Dance. <br> 2. [not legible][not legible] <br> 3. Merrymakers Dance. <br> 4. Grand Selection … Tanhausen … Wagner <br> 5. Valse Bleue … Margis <br> 6. Gavotte from the Language of Flower … Cowen <br> 7. Entr’acte … [not legible] [not legible] … Bose <br> 8. Valse … H.M. Prince of Wales … J Wright <br> 1. Composed in honour of the [not legible] of [not legible][not legible] Prince of Wales” <br> 2. By H.R.[not legible] Princess of [not legible] <br> 9. Pavane … Don quixote … Jacobi <br> 10. Song … Allerseelen … Lassen <br> 11. Selection … Toreador …. Daryll and Monckton <br>