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Langham Hotel, menu, page 4


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Men001015-002 <br> <br> <br> GLOBE THEATRE. <br> Under the Management of MRs. BERNARD-BEERE. <br> THIS EVENING AT 8.0 <br> <br> <br> JANE EYRE, <br> W.G. WILLIAMS, <br> Messrs. A.M. [not legible] H.E. Russell, [not legible], Stevens, and <br> Charles Kelly; [not legible] Charlotte [not legible], KAte Bishop, Maggie <br> Hunt, Alexes Leighton, Clemenci Colle, Messon, Dalmaine, and <br> Mrs. Bernard-Beere. <br> <br> <br> GAIETY THEATRE. <br> Sole Lessee and Manager, Mr. John Hollinshead. <br> This Evening at 7.40, “Bachelor Hall.” - At 8 “The Critic.” <br> Messrs. Terry, Williams, Dallas, Souter, Squire, Warde, Brough. <br> etc. - At 9.45, “Young Fra Diavolo.” Messrs. Terry, Dallas, Squire, <br> etc,; Misses Farren, Vaughan, Gilchrist, Maude Taylor, etc. <br> <br> <br> STRAND THEATRE. <br> This Evening at 7.45, “Eloped; or, Babes and Beetles.” - Followed <br> by “Frolique.” Messrs. Carton, T. P. Haynes, F. Mervin, H.J. <br> Turner, E. Carter, Weathersby, F. Gaillard. E. Desmount, and Sallie <br> Turner. <br> <br> <br> ADELPHI THEATRE. <br> This Evening, at 8.45, “Love and Money.” Messrs. J. Ryler, J. <br> Arnold, Sutherland, Lily, Pigott, Proctor and J.H. Clynds; Misses Clara JEcks, FArquhar, and Amy Roselle.- At 7, “Rachael, the Reaper.” Messrs. W. Rignold, Arnold. Straud, Pigott, and H.Russell; <br> Misses S. Eyre and E. Lynd <br> <br> <br> COURT THEATRE. <br> This Evening at 8, “Comrades.” Mr. Charles Coglan, Mr. Arthur <br> Cecil, Mr. W. Mackintosh, Mr. H. Kemble, MR. D. G. Boucicault, <br> Master W. Philips, and Mr. John Clayton; Miss Carlotta Addision, <br> Miss Robertha Erskine, and Miss Marion Terry. <br> <br> <br> ST. JAMES’S THEATRE. <br> Lesses and Managers, Mr. Hare and Mr. Kendal. <br> This Evening at 8, “Impulse” ; New Play, by B.C. Stephenson. <br> Miss Linda Dietz, Mrs. Gaston Murray, Miss Cowie and Mrs. KEndal; <br> Mr. Kendal, Mr. A. Dacre, Mr. Wenman, Mr. Beaumont, Mr. <br> Brandon, Mr. de Verney Mr. Drummond, etc. <br> <br> <br> SURREY THEATRE. <br> Manager, Geo. Conquest and Paul Merritt. <br> TO-DAY at 1.0 and 7.30, “Puss in Boots.” Messrs. Victor-Stevens. <br> H. Monkhouse, Albert and Edmunds’ Troupe, Herman Clark. <br> Bradford, Mercer, Lindsey. Drummer and Buglers of the Guards, <br> And the Great Little Rowella and George Conquest, Jun.; Mesdames <br> Sara Beryl, Carmen Barker, &c. <br>