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The Garden Room, menu, image 2


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men000428_The Garden Room, menu, image 2


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Breakfast <br> Juices & fruits <br> Freshly squeezed orange juice : small large <br> Tomato, apple, prune,pineapple, sauerkraut or v-8 juice small large <br> Melon in season <br> Chilled half grapefruit <br> Stewed prunes <br> Sliced bananas in cream <br> Fresh strawberries in cream <br> Fruit compote <br> Baked apple with cream <br> Kadota figs <br> Pears or peaches <br> Hot & cold cereals <br> Served with cream or milk <br> Fresh fruit topping <br> Cream of wheat, oatmeal, corn flakes,rice krispies <br> Special k,grape nuts, sugar frosted flakes, bran, raisin bran <br> Shredded wheat, pep, wheaties <br> Eggs and omelettes <br> Served with hard rolls, or white,rye or whole wheat toast, buttered or dry <br> Two fresh country eggs: scrambled,fried, boiled or poached <br> Single fresh country egg: scrambled,fried,boiled or poached <br> Ham with two eggs <br> Canadian bacon with two eggs <br> Bacon or sausage with two eggs <br> Scrambled eggs and lox with side order of cream cheese with bagels <br> Broiled english kipper and egg <br> Cheese or ham omelette <br> Mushroom, spanish or tomato omelette <br> Omelette with chicken livers <br> Poached eggs benedict <br> Plain omelette <br> Side order of lox <br> Side order of bacon,ham or sausage <br> Side order of canadian bacon <br> Potatoes: hash brown, french friend, american fried <br> From the grill <br> Served with toast or rolls <br> Lamb chops <br> Center cut pork chops <br> Breakfast steak <br> Koshers calf liver <br> Ham steak <br> Chipped beef in cream <br> Pan browned corn beef hash <br> With poached egg <br> Chicken hash in cream <br> Fish suggestions <br> Broiled nova scotia kippered herring <br> Smoked lake superior whitefish <br> Smoked nova scotia salmon and cream cheese <br> Smoked sturgeon <br> Steamed or broiled finnan haddie, Boiled potato <br> Griddle cakes and waffles <br> Served with butter, maple, apricot,boysenberry syrup or pure honey <br> Griddle cakes <br> Blueberry <br> Buckwheat <br> Silver dollar pancakes <br> Waffles <br> With pecans <br> With blueberries <br> French toast <br> Bread and cakes <br> Milk toast <br> Cinnamon toast <br> Bran or blueberry muffins <br> English muffins <br> Sands special coffee cake <br> Sweet rolls <br> Toasted bagels <br> Buttered toast <br> Croissants or brioches <br> Beverages <br> Coffee (our special blend) <br> Postum <br> Sanka <br> Ovaltine <br> Hot chocolate or cocoa <br> Milk,buttermilk or skim milk <br> Ice coffee or iced tea <br> Tea (pot) <br> Continental breakfast <br> Tomato,orange of grapefruit juice <br> Fresh sweet rolls or <br> Toast with jams and jellies <br> Fresh coffee, tea or milk <br> Garden room special <br> Grapefruit, tomato or orange juice <br> Hot or cold cereal with <br> Cream or milk <br> Fresh sweet rolls <br> Fresh coffee, tea,or milk <br> The <br> Garden <br> Room <br> Low calories <br> Calorie count <br> Grapefruit juice <br> Puffed rice or <br> Puffed wheat <br> Coffee or tea with saccharine <br> And skim milk <br> Total <br> Calorie <br> Count <br> Grapefruit <br> Soft boiled egg <br> Toast (no butter) <br> Coffee or tea with saccharine <br> Total <br> Prices subject to state sales tax <br> The <br> Sands <br> Las vegas, nevada <br>