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The Sands, menu, image 2


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men000416_The Sands, menu, image 2


University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Libraries

Appetizers <br> Barbecues spareribs <br> Egg roll <br> Fried shrimps <br> Roast pork <br> Crisp rumaki (sliced chicken liver, water chestnuts, wrapped in bacon) <br> Entrees <br> Mandarian almond duck <br> Young duckling steamed with delicate spices,then boned <br> And pressed into cakes with water chestnut flour, fried <br> And served with a spicy plum sauce and sprinkled with <br> Crushed almonds <br> Hong yin gai din- ( chicken almond) <br> Spring chicken, chinese mushrooms, water chestnuts, bam- <br> Boo shoots, celery and snow peas <br> Moo goo gai din- ( chicken almond) <br> Spring chicken with mushrooms and fresh vegetables <br> Ma tai yuke <br> Imported chinese water chestnuts, sliced and cooked with pork <br> Beef with oyster sauce <br> Tenderloin of beef sauteed in oyster sauce with water <br> Chestnuts, bamboo shoots, celery, onion and pea pods <br> Chicken pineapple <br> Sliced tender chicken blended with crisp water chestnuts <br> Golden cubes of hawaiian pineapple, garden fresh <br> Vegetables <br> Pork of beef with vegetables <br> Pea pods, bok choy, onion water chestnuts, bamboo <br> Shoots, celery, mushrooms and bean sprouts <br> Pepper steak <br> Beef tenderloin sliced, green peppers, bamboo shoots <br> Water chestnuts, mushrooms and fresh tomatoes <br> Butterfly shrimps <br> Whole jumbo shrimp, bacon, curry, onions, and spiced <br> Tomato sauce <br> Lobster cantonese <br> Cooked with chopped pork, water chestnuts and green onions <br> Sweet and sour pork <br> Fresh pork rolled in batter and sauteed with pineapple <br> Green peppers , fresh tomatoes and mixed chinese pickles <br> Beef tomatoes <br> Beef tenderloin cubes cooked with celery, onion, green <br> Pepper and fresh tomatoes <br> Eggs <br> Quay far chow dun <br> Diced pork, water chestnuts, mushrooms, onions, green <br> Peas, scrambled with eggs <br> Chicken foo young <br> A mixture of finely diced cooked chicken, fresh crisp bean <br> Sprouts,onions, water chestnuts and chopped mushrooms <br> Pork foo young <br> Same as chicken foo young, except that diced barbecued <br> Pork is used instead of chicken <br> Shrimp foo young <br> Same as chicken foo young, except that large fresh gulf <br> Shrimps are used instead of chicken <br> Chow mein <br> White meat chicken chow mein <br> Sliced white meat chicken, water chestnuts,mushrooms <br> Mixed chinese vegetables, diced pork, hard boiled eggs and almonds <br> Shrimp chow mein <br> Fresh jumbo shrimps, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, <br> Mushrooms, and mixed chinese vegetables <br> (boiled rice served with above orders) <br> Rice <br> Chicken fried rice <br> Pork fried rice <br> Subgum fried rice <br> Shrimp fried rice <br> Desserts <br> Kumquat <br> Lichee <br> Chinese mixed fruits <br> (all above orders are cooked to order) <br>