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International Hotel, menu, pages 2-3


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Cold sandwiches <br> Bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich <br> Tuna salad sandwich <br> Cold sliced corn beef <br> Kosher salami sandwich <br> Braunschweiger liverwurst sandwich <br> Chopped chicken liver with onion rings <br> Chicken salad sandwich <br> Cold roast beef sandwich <br> Egg salad sandwich <br> Cold baked sugar cured ham sandwich <br> Ham and swiss cheese sandwich <br> Swiss cheese sandwich <br> American cheese sandwich <br> All sandwiches served on your choice of rye,white, <br> Or whole wheat bread, with pickle,tomato, olive <br> Potato salad or coleslaw <br> Appetizers <br> Fresh fruit cocktail supreme <br> Filet of marinated herring in sour cream <br> Chopped chicken liver with onion rings <br> Shrimp or crab meat cocktail supreme <br> Stuffed eggs, international <br> Tomato,or v-8 juice <br> Soups <br> Soup du jour cup bowl <br> french onion soup cup bowl <br> Chilled vichyssoise cup <br> Jellied madrilene cup <br> Chicken broth with rice cup <br> Or matzo ball bowl <br> Salads <br> Crisp mixed green salad with tomato <br> Choice of dressing <br> Heart of romaine or lettuce, choice of dressing <br> Sliced beefsteak tomato, choice of dressing <br> Asparagus vinaigrette <br> Hot sandwiches <br> Broiled new york cut steak sandwich <br> Monte cristo sandwich with fresh fruit cup <br> Grilled hamburger on a toasted bun <br> Ham, or bacon and egg sandwich <br> Fried egg sandwich <br> Cheeseburger on a toasted bun <br> Patty melt <br> hamburger , grilled onions and cheese on rye <br> Hot corned beef or pastrami on rye <br> Grilled kosher frankfurter on a bun <br> Clubhouse sandwich <br> Grilled cheese and bacon sandwich <br> Reuben sandwich <br> Served with tomato,pickle, olive <br> French fried potatoes, or cole slaw <br> Vegetables <br> Broccoli hollandaise <br> Asparagus in butter <br> Buttered green peas <br> String beans saute <br> French fried onion rings <br> Potatoes <br> French fried potatoes <br> Au gratin potatoes <br> Mashed potatoes <br> Hash brown potatoes <br> Idaho baked potatoes <br> Entrees <br> French fried scallops with tartar sauce <br> Fresh boneless rocky mountain brook trout- sautee meuniere <br> Filet of sole with lemon butter <br> Half broiled spring chicken with spiced crabapple <br> Roast young tom turkey, sage dressing giblet gravy cranberry sauce <br> Breaded veal cutlet,viennoise <br> Calves liver saute, with smothered onions,or crisp bacon <br> Italian spaghetti with meatballs and parmesan cheese <br> Roast prime rib of beef, au jus <br> Broiled filet mignon with mushroom cap <br> Broiled new york sirloin steak, maitre d’hotel <br> Broiled double french lamb chops, mint jelly <br> Broiled top sirloin steak with french fried onion rings <br> Grilled center cut pork chops with applesauce <br> Grilled chopped sirloin steak with fresh mushrooms sauce <br> Golden brown cheese blintzes(3) with fresh fruit cup <br> Roast baron of beef, au jus <br> Chicken in the pot with fresh vegetables and matzo balls <br> Served with rolls and butter potatoes and vegetables du jour <br> Coffee tea milk <br> Cold buffet <br> Half pineapple filled with fresh fruits topped with cottage cheese <br> Or sherbert <br> Chef's special salad bowl with julienne of cheese, turkey and ham <br> International salad bowl (avocado, tomato, egg and lettuce) <br> Imported sardine plate, garni <br> Avocado stuffed with crabmeat salad, hard boiled egg, sliced tomato <br> Cold roast prime rib of beef with potato salad, garni <br> Smoked salmon lox with cream cheese and bagel <br> Crab or shrimp louie on bed of crisp lettuce with sliced tomato <br> Hard boiled egg, asparagus tips a la louie <br> Bumble bee salmon plate, garni <br> Tuna salad on crisp lettuce with egg and tomato wedges <br> Assorted cold cuts and cheese with potato salad, garni <br> Chicken salad plate with asparagus tips, egg and tomato wedges <br> Served with rolls and butter <br> Desserts <br> Home baked fresh fruit or creme pies <br> A la mode <br> Special international cheesecake <br> With fruit topping <br> Caramel cup custard with whipped cream <br> Old fashioned rice pudding <br> Chocolate layer cake <br> Daily fresh assorted french pastries <br> Cheeses <br> American cheese <br> Camembert cheese <br> Swiss cheese <br> Bel paese <br> Cream cheese <br> Monterey jack <br> Beverages <br> Coffee <br> Iced coffee <br> Buttermilk <br> Diet pepsi cola <br> Iced tea <br> Orange soda <br> Pepsi-cola <br> Milk <br> Teem <br> Postum <br> Tea <br> Hot chocolate <br> Sanka <br> Root beer <br> Cafe continental salutes foods of the world <br> Monday <br> Roast leg of spring lamb boulangere <br> Vegetables du jour <br> Served with mixed green <br> Salad, choice of dressing <br> Assorted rolls and butter <br> Tuesday <br> Veal cutlet <br> A la parmigiana <br> With spaghetti <br> Served with mixed greens <br> Salad, choice of dressing <br> Assorted rolls and butter <br> Wednesday <br> Mole poblano <br> (chicken in mole sauce <br> Sesame seeds and <br> Refried beans) <br> Served with mixed greens <br> Salad choice of dressing <br> Assorted rolls and butter <br> Thursday <br> Bavarian sauerbraten <br> Sweet and sour red <br> Cabbage, potato pancakes <br> Hot apple sauce <br> Served with mixed greens <br> Salad, choice of dressing <br> Assorted rolls and butter <br> Friday <br> New england <br> Boiled dinner <br> Parsley potatoes <br> Served with mixed green <br> Salad, choice of dressing <br> Assorted rolls and butter <br> Saturday <br> Old fashion english <br> Steak and kidney pie <br> With butter crust <br> Served with mixed green <br> Salad, choice of dressing <br> Assorted rolls and butter <br> Sunday <br> Broiled teriyaki of beef <br> On bed of rice oriental <br> Served with mixed green <br> Salad , choice of dressing <br> Assorted rolls and butter <br>