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Dunes Hotel and Country Club, menu, pages 8-9


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men000329_Dunes Hotel and Country Club, menu, pages 8-9


University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Libraries

Page 8 <br> <br> <br> Les Desserts <br> Crêpes Suzette <br> Assorted French Pastries <br> Individual Baked Alaska <br> Peach Melba <br> French Ice Cream <br> Cherries Jubilée <br> Profiteroles au Chocolat <br> Poire Helène <br> Soufflé au Grand Marnier (serves two persons) <br> Assorted Sherbets <br> <br> <br> Coffee <br> Tea <br> Sanka <br> <br> <br> Page 9 <br> <br> <br> Les Champs Elysées <br> Paris’ majestic boulevard, The Champs Elysées, <br> was created more than 300 years ago by a long lined of <br> Visionary French ministers and civil servants. <br> Place de la Concorde today stands crowned by the magnificent <br> Arc de Triomphe — the eternal resting place of the Unknown Soldier <br> at the terminus of the Champs Elysées. <br> Now… it is Paris in the Spring… We may wish to visit the banks of the <br> River Seine or the Tuileries or stroll along the Champs Elysées or <br> be absorbed by the spacious and enchanting park <br> near the “Champs” — the Bois de Boulogne. It is the Bois! <br> We will visit the meeting place of the world’s <br> great artists, intellectuals and statesmen come to dine at Fouquet’s <br> ‘Le Pré Catalan’ Restaurant in the ‘Bois.’ <br> At other times, Parisians would prefer their gustatorial rendezvous <br> at Fouquet’s on the Champs Elysées or Restaurant Drouant, Place Gaillon. <br> Capturing the Parisian charm of the Champs Eyées and matching <br> the international reputation of Fouquet’s as a gourmet’s mecca represented a <br> major challenge to the management of the Dunes Hotel and Country Club <br> In LasVegas when it set out to plan and design the Sultan’s Table <br> Restaurant almost a decade ago. Now that time has established a <br> global reputation for the Sultan’s Table as one of the world’s finest <br> Restaurants, we feel honored to have joined the distinguished <br> Company of Fouquet and others of that classic worth in the minds <br> And hearts of the world’s bon vivants and gourmets. Vòila! <br>