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Dunes Hotel, menu, pages 2-3


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men000311_Dunes Hotel, menu, pages 2-3


University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Libraries

Page 2 <br> <br> <br> O, seafaring traveller… heed the ageless call <br> of the mysterious sea… submit to the pleasures <br> of the nautical kingdom — this Dome of The Sea — <br> and gently please, to the seascapes in music <br> of our Mermaid and her Harp. Sample <br> of the boundless delicacies the man has <br> wrested from the great seas since time began, <br> or those culinary delights shared in the <br> great feasts of King Arthur’s day… <br> <br> <br> Page 3 <br> <br> <br> Dome of the Sea <br> <br> <br> May We Suggest… <br> For your Personal <br> selection of the finest <br> wines and liqueurs, <br> your captain will be happy <br> to summon the sommelier. <br>