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William McDermott to J. Ross Clark, April 18, 1903 page 2


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2we would be without a cook and he was very much disatisfied with his job and I told him I would make it right with him when Dr Bracken got here as I expected with a cook.In our settlement today he wanted to charge $2.00 per day for all the time he was here including Sundays but I explained that he was not entitled to pay for Sundays only since he began to cook and since then I thought he was entitled to 40.00 per month and $10.00/ per month for extra work and I consider this fair although he thinks it too low and said he would not continue to work for that wage and do the work he had been doing and demands $2.00 per day. Doc will talk with him this evening and if necessary give him his price until he can get a cook and get all information he can from him and then offer him $30.00/ or $35.00 a month and if that is not satisfatory let him go.Holt is honest trustworthy and a first class man to run the Ranch but very arbitrary and hard to get along with. Still Bracken will put up with a great