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Frank Williams memoir, page 12

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12to remain on the desert or go hack to Kansas and attend college. I had my heart set upon attending the college at Baldwin because I could study French there. Finally, about December 20, I quit the Keystone and left, with my uncle, for Vanderbilt. It was there or at Manvel, 4 miles distant, that one took the train. During my work that fall I had become quite well acquainted with a miner named Russell whom I had known, slightly, during my stay in Vanderbilt. Russell was then about 40 years old and an old timer in the mines of Idaho and Montana. He was a native of Maine. At Vanderbilt, Russell had leased upon a claim called the Murray with some success and felt very confident that he could do well if he could get another lease upon the ground. The owners were willing to lease so Russell and I agreed to become partners in the proposed lease, when I returned from college in Kansas. The college would close about the first of June. I left the Keystone with that understanding.I found myself, as I left for Vanderbilt not at all "unanimous" in my desire to return to Kansas. The thought of staying in Vanderbilt rather appealed to me. On our way over I think that I changed my mind two or three times. Finally when I got to Vanderbilt and found the camp though at that time rather quiet, yet all aglow with expectancy because of the fact that two mills were to be built, I concluded to stay there. I hadn't been there more than a day or two when for $125 I bought a 1/8 interest in the Webster mine. It joined the leading Campbell mine, the Boomerang on the last. Campbell was getting ready to build a ten stamp