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Frank Williams memoir, page 10

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My uncle was living in the stone house and I stayed with him for about three days. During this time I walked out with a canteen each morning to the Birdspring range to prospect, but I didn't find anything.One night we watched a very heavy storm off toward the Colorado river. Afterward we heard that it almost obliterated Eldorado.About July 28th the Keystone started up again with George Rose as foreman. I was put to work in what afterward became the "first winze" or where the first engine was installed. I was on night shift and one night a good sized rock came. down from the hanging wall and bumped me on the head. Beyond a little cut on the scalp no harm came of it. Afterward I was put, first in the main tunnel, and afterward to running car in it and the lower tunnel, which was started that year. I worked at the Keystone until sometime in September when I was included in a reduction of the force. I went over to my claims upon the south side of the main Goodsprings and Mesquite road and worked there two or three days, camping out upon the ground. Going over to Goodsprings to get my baggage, George Rose told me that he could put me to work again and I resumed my former job.The mill at Sandy was built that fall and a little town sprang up there. I had a bad tooth that fall and one evening I walked down there and had a tooth pulled by a man named Hoyt.Shortly after the Keystone started up that summer, a man named Cook came in and started a saloon upon the flat below the mine. The foreman, George Rose, and several other men