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THE ONLY WAY To keep thoroughly informed on Mining Conditions in Southern Nevada is to read regularly myMARKET LETTER Sent absolutely free upon request. It is invaluable to Nevada investors and speculators.G. S. JOHNSON, Broker, Goldfield, NevadaJ. C. McCORMACK . . .Head Office for the Following Mining Companies:Bullfrog Scepter Mining Co. Montgomery-Shoshone Extension Mining Co. Bonanza Mountain Extension Mining Co.Write me for information regarding any of the above companies and any other property in the Southern Mining District sRooms 16-17 Nixon Block, Goldfield, NevadaP. V. ROVNIANEK, President; J. W. GRIER, 1st Vice-President; J. J. WOLF, 2d Vice-President; C. R. ANDERSON,Secretary; L. K. KOONTZ, Treasurer.THE GOLDFIELD MINING COMPANYOf Goldfield, NevadaJOHN A. THATCHER, Pueblo, Colo.: J. M. HOWLER, JR., Florence, Co'o. ; LOUIS K. KOONTZ, General Manager;MARTIN HARDSOCG. Ottumwa. Ia.; P. B. SCOTT, Las ANIMAS, Colo. MAIN OFFICES President, 612 Grant Street, Pittsburg, Pa.; Secretary and Treasurer, 920 South Ave., Allegheny, Pa.J. A. THATCHER. President, Pueblo. Colo.; P. V. KOVNIANEK, Vice-President. Pittsburg, Pa.; C. R. ANDERSON,Secretary; J. W. GRIER, Treasurer, Pittsburg. Pa.THE GOLDFIELD C. O. D. MINING CO.Of Goldfield, NevadaDIRECTORS Daniel Garrison. Pittsburg. Pa.; Julius J. Wolf, New York: J. M. Howler. Jr., Florence, Colo.; Col. Ed.F. Browne. Aspen, Colo.; Louis K. Koontz, Goldfield, Nev.; Frederick S. Harris, Cons. Eng's; Louis K. Koontz,General Manager. MAIN OFFICES 612 Grant Street, Pittsburg, Pa.; Secretary, 920 South Avenue, Allegheny, Pa.