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Union Pacific Shop Bulletin p 8

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8THE BULLETINPASSING THE BUCKBent Adair Seelhoff It's a mighty hard thing to acknowledge a fault; It is human to hedge and deny, Make excuses and stall, when we're backed to the wall, Instead of the truth give a lie.It's a mighty hard thing to admit we have erred, But, like other hard things, can be done; It takes courage and grit to say, "Yes, I'm it!" But it's great when the battle is won.Some one is at fault for the thing that goes wrong, And that one the censure should take; Make it right if he can, but stand up like a man, If little or much is at stake.Say, wouldn't we fight, at the drop of the hat,If somebody called us a sneak? But we're all of that, if we see on the mat Some one else for our fault and don't speak.It's a mighty hard thing to peach on one's self, To say, "Yes, you're right, I'm to blame!" But it takes out the sting and half squares the thing. We can do it and will, if we'regame! The C. & O. and H. V. Employes' Magazine.POCATELLO LODGE NO. 1Our first collection of dues is over and we wish to report that Pocatello Lodge No. 1, went over the top. The boys working here are behind the Shop Employes Association one hundred per cent strong. They have all come to realize and know what the S. E. A. means and what a great big organization we have. Never before in the history of organized labor could an employe get the results from the employer that we are getting every day, this is the result of co-operation; working jointly together.Luan Brown employed in the boiler shop was seriously injured last week when he fell from a Ford truck at the intersection of North Main and West Bridger while enroute to his work. The man's head struck onthe pavement and the car passed over both legs. He was rushed to the Emergency hospital and an examination showed that he was suffering from concussion of the brain. In attempting to alight from the car while it was in motion, Mr. Brown missed the running board and fell to the pavement, he is reported to be in a serious, condition.George B. Montgomery, carman, living at 75 9 East Center, was cut across the nose and forehead, when a jack lever flew out of a socket and struck him in the face. The accident could have been worse.A daughter was born Thursday night to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Coke of 656 West Sublette. The proud father of the new arrival is a machinist at the Short Line shops.Jimmie Black, two-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Y. D. Black, of 825 West Wyeth, died Sunday morning at a local hospital. Mr. Black is an inspector in the train yards. The bereved parents have our heart-felt sympathy.We, the members of Pocatello Lodge No. 1, wish to extend pur deepest sympathy to Mr. and M,rs. Chas. Caffar, in the hour of their bereavement over the untimely death of their five-year-old daughter that was buried yesterday. Mr. Caffar is a machinist in the Back Shop.The 13-months-old baby of Mr. and Mrs. Hyrum Curtis, of 1790 Taft avenue, died on April 2nd. Mr. Curtis is a carman in the train yards.Mr. Ed. Corum, carman in the Coach Shop, was off duty last week to attend the funeral of his aged father.Mr. Alfred H. Trahant, pipefitter, was laying off last week to attend the funeral of his aged mother.Arch W. Stoddard, Correspondent.SALT LAKE LODGE NO. 2 "SLEEP"Sleep is the blessing for us to enjoy, Sleep is the gold without an allow; Sleep all unconscious that innocentsleep, Sleep on "O Beloved," that God-given sleep."EFFICIENCY" Honest John, he goes to workWith a mind as free as a bird. He does his duty with a will,His responsibility he does not shirk. Life is brimming full of menThat work from morn till night, They do not tarry till they're done,They work with all their might. But somehow they're not working right,They do not work with skill; Their mind is blurred and blurred again,It keeps them grinding on the mill. The Man of Brains, of Wisdom and of Skill,With patience all sublime, His work is ready any time,It meets his Master's will. "Hail to thee, all hail!" ambitionThou art the torch that fires my soul; I can work with all fruitionIf thou wilt but make me whole. If we stay around the flesh potsOf Egyptians' darkest days. And are making "Bricks" in earnestWithout Caanan sheds its rays, We shall still be in the darkness,We will never learn "His ways." Thou art complete with all Efficiency,Make my will submit to Him, The Creator knows no limit,I can leave my work to Him.Composed by John Barry, Berry's Cottage, Sandy, Utah, U. S. A. Copyrighted.LARAMIE, WYOMINGThere is a lot of loose talk nowadays about efficiency. The word, Webster said, has three meanings and that is; doing the right thing at the right time and without waste. Stop and think about it. It sounds simple but there is room for a life-time of effort in that threefold combination. Don't try to play a lone hand. You might get away with it but it will make your work much harder. What you can do by your unaided efforts is nothing compared with what you can do if you get people to help you. A strong man can lift a heavy load but there was never a man so strong that he couldn't lift a lot more if he had a few others to help him. Team work is the game. If you try to go it alone, they will let you do it, but if you can enlist the cooperation and support of those about you, things will move much easier. And they will not help you until you show a desire to be helped. But once you show people that you are soliciting their help, you will be surprised how they come across that is leadership and accomplishes great things.Frank Davidson,Correspondent.