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iTHE BULLETINdays, finally taking their departure for Omaha with the expression of many regrets that Nebraska ladies could hardly compare with the fair ones they met and enjoyed so keenly while here.Monday noon a banquet was held in Pocatello at which the Pocatello and Omaha squads were entertained lavishly, the Omaha squad being the guests. On this occasion Mr. Kane, speaking for the Omaha organization expressed his thanks for the courtesy extended the visitors; the cordial reception here in Pocatello and lastly the admiration of the Omaha boys for the Pocatello young ladies.The Pocatello Shopmen's team has completed a successful season which may be reviewed hurridly by glancing down the record of games here given:Pocatello O. S. L., 36; Green River, Wyo., 14.Pocatello O. S. L., 24; Green River, Wyo., 10.Pocatello Basket Ball TeamPOCATELLO NOTESO. S. L. Quintet Plays EighteenGames, Winning Fifteen and DefeatsOmaha Aggregation.Closing a very successful basketball season by defeating the hitherto undefeated Omaha, Union Pacific system's organization, on the Idaho Technical Institution gymnasium floor last Saturday night by a 37 to 26 score, the Pocatello Oregon Short Line Shop squad, comprised of employes of the local shop force, established a creditable record and won for themselves and their organization a recognition as sportsmen that is enviable.Prior to last Saturday night's contest at the Tech, the Omaha players had accorded themselves the pleasure of ridiculing the Pocatello aggregation, and in a recent issue of the Shop Employes' Bulletin the Omaha enthusiasts pointed out that the Pocatello aggregation had not as yet met anything in class with what they rated as good basketball. A controversy arose of the repartee thatdeveloped and for several weeks the teams endeavored to get together. However, it was not until the very close of the season when Omaha, planning a trip to the coast to meet Portland, condescended to give the Pocatello team a match.Last Saturday night's game at the Tech as previously reported was the result and the Omaha organization proved themselves to be the best sportsmen the Pocatello players had met the entire season. Under the sting of defeat, the Omaha lads jested about the controversy out of which had developed the contest and only the highest praise can be heralded in favor of the Nebraska players.It was the intention of the Omaha players to leave immediately after playing the game, but the Pocatello Shopmen had planned a dance and general good time following the game. So impressed were the Nebraska boys with the charming daughters, sweethearts, wives and mothers of the Pocatello enthusiasts that they immediately cancelled reservations previously made and remained over in Idaho's metropolis for severalPocatello O. s. L., 34; De Molay,19. Pocatello O. s. L., 53; Fort HallIndians, 17 Pocatello O. s. L. , 2; O. S. L.Clerks, 0. Pocatello O. s. L., 31; AmericanLegion, 21. Pocatello O. S. L., 36; MidnightCrew, 7. Pocatello o. s. L., 17; Salt LakeO. S. L. Clerks, 28. Pocatello O. s. L., 27; De Molay,16. Pocatello O. S. . L. ., 26; Glenn's Ferry, 11. Pocatello O. s. L., 17; ; O. S. L.Clerks, 38. Pocatello O. s. L., 24; Salt LakeClerks, 38. Pocatello O. s. L. 45; AmericanLegion, 22. Pocatello O. s. L., 32; Glenns Fer- ry, 5. Pocatello O. s. L., 34; , Hammet,Idaho, 14. Pocatello O. s. L., 28; Evanston,Wyoming, 26.Pocatello O. S. L., 42; North Platte, Neb. 13.Playing eighteen scheduled games and winning fifteen is undoubtedly one of the best records made in the inter-mountain region this season. The local Shopmen players accepted every challenge and met all comers regardless of class or experience. The only regret was that the schedule was too full when one or two opportunities present themselves at the