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2THE BULLETINof the world. He, as well as most of the other speakers, expressed disapproval of the gambling and bootlegging activities as allowed to exist in Las Vegas.Between the various talks, vocal solos which were received with great appreciation, were given by W. T. Stone and Levi H. Irwin, with A. S. Morris accompanying on the piano. C. P. Squires acted as toastmaster.The spirit of the evening was that of friendliness and mutual helpfulness. The occasion was a pleasant one for all concerned.ANNOUNCEMENT Mr. J. L. Von Posch has been elected to represent the Los Angeles and Salt Lake Unit on the System Board of Adjustment, to fill the unexpiredterm of R. B. Coogan, resigned.__________ELLIS, KANSAS(C. O. Gamble Correspondent)Ellis Lodge No. 15 is still holding regular meetings twice a month on the second and last Wednesday nights of each month; all visitors are always welcome and we feel highly honored when any U. P. Official pays us a compliment by attending any meeting or gathering.Our master mechanic, Mr. W. F. Kirsch was in our city last week on ; business, Mr. John Slightman, gen-eral car foreman at Armstrong, was also with us last week.I hear from some of the business men of this city that both Mr. Kirsch and Mr. Slightman gave a very nice address at the Rotary Club or the Chamber of Commerce. I don't recall just where the address was delivered.Mr. H. A. Russell, our district foreman, made a quick trip to Salina, Kansas, to a Shrine "blow-out." On the way home Engine 2 807 had a blowout at Bunker Hill, and I guess that took the joy out of life for a while any way.We have a boiler foreman from Cheyenne, and he is a fine fellow as well as a real good foreman.Our latest machinist sent out from Armstrong is Mr. Y. S. Hatchett. He hails from New Orleans, La. From all appearances Mr. Hatchett knows his stuff and we are glad to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Hatchett. to our city.Mr. Pete Keagy, round house machinist, hurt his little finger last week. He is doing nicely now.Mr. George Craig, machinist, was burned with hot steam last week, but he is doing well now. and is on the job.Mr. Flemming, machinist, is the ice house man now. We wonder if he and his helper, Bill Bristle, are going to move up there?Mrs. William Whiteby of Junction City, was visiting her better-half "Bill" at Ellis last week. Bill is a car repairer.Hennie Cutler, car repair helper, has started a very good band. He is manager and I for one think they are good.Ben Rupp, machinist helper, reports that the K. K. K. are about to get started in Ellis. Here's hoping they do.Fred Kahn, machinist, was in Hays the first of the week. How about some watermelons for our lodge, Fred, off of that section of land you own at Hays?E. Sours, helper, is keeping late hours at night I guess, for I hear Harry Easterbrook calling him more of late than he used to.John Sanders, boilermaker, apprentice, is sporting a new Ford car. Be careful where you park that car John.Ed. Lewis, painter helper, changed his color this week when he was using green paint inside of a way car. You know, Ed. was green all over.Soloman A. Lee, boilermaker helper, kept me staying awake for my pretty knife. Soloman is honest, though, for he asked me for one once before.Ed. Barton, our sun burnt boilermaker, is assigned to hot work.Boilermaker Joe has a real job on tank 2847, but as he is a real boiler buster I am sure he can do it.Mr. Porter, boilermaker, is making a new fire box for Engine 300.Russell Hamburgu, electric welder, is now night boilermaker.Luther Jules does most of the welding now.Shag Furbeck, carman, and Andy Okesash are going to put on a boxing match for the boys. Andy is not afraid of Shag knocking out any teeth for him for he hasn't any.Dude Merrill is leadman for the machinist.Thomas Porter keeps the washroom and office as clean as a hat box.Jadda Walters still hands out nuts and screws at the store room.Bill Wheat and Bert Wilson are both rough on poker games. They are carmen.Windy Bill Shadows, airman, is the world's greatest talker. He is now dealing in ice-less ice boxes.We had a baseball game Sunday. It was good. I was umpire so you know who won.Frank Pringll, blacksmith, is still trying to find out who put that Klan poster on his blackboard.Our office force is going good. No one complains about anything.I understand Mr. Kautzman, our sawed-off machinist, was peeved last month because I called him "St. Louis Shorty," if so I beg your pardon Mr. Kautzman of St. Louis or some place else and I promise not to mention your honorable name again, but I am sure St. Louis is proud of you even if I am not.I thank you.SHIP THEM HOMEBy Walt Mason If a man is discontented with this country of the free, with a government invented for such folks as you and me, let him take his aunts and nieces, pack his. bombs and knucks and creeses in his second-hand valises, and go sailing o'er the sea. If a man comes here to jabber while the other fellows work, if he's prone to be a stabber with an anarchistic dirk, let us tell him, through our faces, we'll be happy if he chases to the foul and foreign places where his fellow loafers lurk. If a skate from Europe's alleys comes to this star-spangled shore, hoping by his quips and sallies to make honest workers sore, let's comdemn his crazy notion, let us curb his weird emotion, let us lead him to the ocean and the ship that sails at four. War has left our people nervous, and we should reduce to junk any freak who comes to serve us with a lot of Russian bunk; let us treat him as a traitor, as a sinful agitator, let us load him on a freighter, where the billows to ker-plunk.If you want to feel good and wear abig smile, Give forth your best efforts all thewhile; If your work is hard and you feelblue, Think what success will mean to you. Just put yourself in your boss's place Would you be satisfied with yourpace? Are you doing the best that you cando, Or "anyway," to just get through? Don't take your job as an idle jest, Go at it like a man and do your best. Just show your boss that you're trueblue, And he will know what to do for you.