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A DAYS WORK FOR A DAY'S PAYCOOPERATION PERFECT UNIONTHE SHOP EMPLOYES ASSOCIATIONUNION PACIFIC SYSTEMBULLETINVol. 2Salt Lake City, Utah, May 31, 1924No. 4Los Angeles UnitLAS VEGAS NOTESA notable occasion was the banquet given Wednesday evening at the Union Pacific Dining Room to members of the Union Pacific Standardization Committee by members of the Union Pacific Shop Employees Association.The guests were:Mr. J. W. Highleyman of Omaha, assistant superintendent of motive power and machinery of the U. P. main line, who is chairman of the Standardization Committee.Mr. J. J. Kelker, shop superintendent of the Pocatello, Idaho, O. S. L. shops, member of the committee.Mr. W. R. Ladd, superintendent of the Portland, Oregon, shops of the Oregon-Washington Railroad and Navigation Co., member of the committee.Mr. J. E. Norris of Los Angeles (better known as Jimmie) representing the Los Angeles & Salt Lake unit on the committee.Mr. C. W. Smith of Omaha, secretary of the committee.W. F. Merry, master mechanic, F. D. Mahoney, shop superintendent, Walter R. Bracken, of the Las Vegas Land & Water Company, Dr. Roy W. Martin, president of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, W. E. Ferron, president of Las Vegas Rotary Club, and C. P. Squires, were among the local guests invited.When cigars were lighted following a splendid dinner a program of talks which were not only happily entertaining, but which furnished abundant food for thought both to official guests and the men who weretheir hosts, was carried out, lasting until eleven o'clock.Mr. J. H. Harbeson, secretary of the Shop Employees Association, welcomed the guests in behalf of the employees, and called attention to the close relations which exist between the employees and the officials.Dr. Roy W. Martin, president of the Chamber of Commerce, expressed the wish of the Chamber to cooperate with both employees and employers in every matter which would tend to the betterment of the community, and welcomed the guests in behalf of the business element of the city.President "Bill" Ferron of the Las Vegas Rotary Club was the third speaker. He briefly outlined the ideals of Rotary, among the most important of which is to elevate the standard of business to a higher plane, bringing about better relations between businessmen and the public and especially to promote confidence and understanding between employer and employee.Mr. J. W. Highleyman, in behalf of the Standardization Committee, thanked the hosts for their hospitality. He gave an outline of the work of the committee, stating briefly that it was for the purpose of studying methods of work, the location of machines and at such matters, in each shop, selecting the best methods of each shop and marking them standards. He stated that the committee desired to make only constructive criticism, and said that the committee had found much to commend in the Vegas shops.Mr. Highleyman expressed appreciation of the spirit of cooperation shown by the businessmen of LasVegas. He stated that the Union Pacific valued the good opinion of the communities it served. He said that in his opinion the open gambling as carried on in Las Vegas is detrimental to the company as well as to the men and urged the Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club to take the lead in a movement to banish legalized gambling from Nevada.Mr. W. R. Ladd made a snappy talk about the great shops in Portland, where 1,200 men are employed, and gave some entertaining reminiscences.Mr. J. E. Norris recounted some of his experiences while he was master mechanic of the Vegas shops. He expressed himself as glad to be in Vegas again for a short time and complimented the work of the Vegas shops.Mr. W. F. Merry spoke briefly, commending the spirit of helpful cooperation which he found in the men of the Vegas shops.Mr. Guy E. Griffith expressed the appreciation which the shop employes felt at the presence of their guests. In a humorous vein he introduced Mr. J. J. Kelker, who had not been informed that he was to be called on.Mr. Kelker responded briefly in a happy vein, again voicing the appreciation which the supervisory officials of the Union Pacific feel at the loyal spirit of the workers.Mr. F. D. Mahoney was introduced and spoke briefly in commendation of the work of the employees of the Las Vegas shops.Mr. O. D. Payne, secretary of the Foreman's Association of the Las Vegas shops, spoke entertainingly of his experiences in his travels over much