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Letter from H.C. Tolford to C. A. Earle Rinker, March 25, 1957, p. 2


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CAR CARDS BUS CARDS AMERICA'S THIRD LARGEST MARKET CALIFORNIA TRANSIT ADVERTISING INC. 2233 BEVERLY BOULEVARD LOS ANGELES 4, CALIFORNIA Dunkirk 4-3161 -2- You might be interested in how we got started on this project. We were exploring the old towns in Nevada and ran into a lady who gave us over 80 pictures of Manhattan. From there we talked with dozens of people and borrowed over 250 pictures last fall. We had them copied - turned over one copy to the Nevada Historical Society and then returned the originals to the owners by registered mail. It was quite a job- cataloging all detail- names of people - classifying, etc. When we finished we felt that we had really done something in the way of preserving history. So many of those old pictures were fading and no negatives were available. We also made a lot of friends since I am sure they were a little apprehensive in loaning us their pictures at first. When they found out we returned everything as we promised- they have really gone all out in helping us. Do you know of any other people around the country who might have material on Nevada which would be of help to us? Just in case you are having trouble finding someone to copy your prints you might be interested in the folder enclosed. This company has wondetful equipment and did this big job for us last fall. Please let me know if you are interested in anything I have. With best regards, Sincerely, H.C. Tolford Home: 14226 Runnymede St. Van Nuys, California