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Letter from H.C. Tolford to C. A. Earle Rinker, March 25, 1957, p. 1


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CAR CARDS BUS CARDS AMERICA'S THIRD LARGEST MARKET CALIFORNIA TRANSIT ADVERTISING INC. 2233 BEVERLY BOULEVARD LOS ANGELES 4, CALIFORNIA Dunkirk 4-3161 March 25, 1957 Dear Mr. Rinker: I feel as though I had found a long lost friend. Why? Well, last fall we were exploring Nevada for historical material for a book on the Tonopah and Goldfield area and the railroads. We were in Tonopah and Goldfield for 8 days and, - on the 15th we were in Goldfield. We heard about a man named Rinker who was in town the day before with some wonderful pictures. Where was he from- well, someone said the middle west- another said Los Angeles. We kept inquiring but had no luck. Later in Hawthorne Jack Noone said yes you had been there- but still no address. The other day I almost started through all the Rinkers in the 5 L.A. phone directories. I'm making no mention of all the letters I've written by now either! This last weekend we were in Death Valley staying with our friend Bill Myers at Wildrose Station. I was telling Bill about our good luck on Goldfield pictures on last fall's trip. He said that he had acquired some also from a man who stopped by. I immediately oh no! His name wasn't Rinker was it? So there you were! You see why I say that I have found a long lost friend? I went through Bill's copies and would like to get all 22 of the pictures which you sent him. I would also appreciate hearing about any others you might have - on Goldfield- the railroads - other Nevada. I realize that this is an abrupt request and perhaps you haven't time. I would like to hear from you whenever you do have time however. You might also let me know what these prints will cost if you are willing that I should have some copies. There might be some from which I would like 5x7's or 8x10's - I assume that your negatives could be enlarged? I would also appreciate as much description of the pictures as possible for story material. I wonder if you might be interested in any pictures I have. I am in the process of copying an 10" x 70" panorama picture of the downtown of Goldfield taken in 1909. It is a tremendous picture. I am going to copy it with 8 x 10's overlapping so that the whole panorama will be there. I would be happy to have 8 x l0's of this made for you if you want them. [NATA]