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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, Sept. 13, 1908, page 2


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I am excited and have good cause to be. Sorry to hear that Grandpa's have not been able to get their girl yet. Suppose Grover intends to live in town. I wonder what he intends to do there. Glad Grandpa had such a good time at the fair. Wish I could be at home to meet that Straight girl. You & Dady seem to be getting pretty popular with the young Muncie bloods. Go to it Mammy. It will make you both younger. Am afraid though that it will have you over worked the way you are going. I don't just [Savey?] about that Piano that Rose gets for the girl. Is the Piano a prize of contest or what. Mrs. Pottage has surely had an unhappy life with so much trouble. Am surprised that Jeff had not showed up yet. He will be there soon though. Say I am trying to write this at the office and there has been a steady stream of people coming in hter to see the roe. They have several pieces of it here in the office. There is lots of excitement here today all over town about Baby. I can't think of anything but Baby so I guess I had better quit. Hope this finds you all well. All dandy here. Earle